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Use WhatsApp without Disclosing Your Number

whatsappAfter Facebook acquired WhatsApp, there seem to be stream of new features being rolled in. This new social messenger can be used to send texts, sounds and funny video clips and can be used to share all kind of media. I have posted several tricks about Whats App on the forum, splendid WhatsApp Tips and Tricks and can even create bogus conversations for clowning your friends. Continue reading

3 Ways to Download Facebook Albums

facebook-logoFacebook has become a defacto standard for uploading and sharing many scenic photos with your friends by creating different albums. As an online security measure, it’s also important that you timely backup your photos to your local storage in a convenient form like the zip package. There are many different tools which can suffice this operation and we are going to discuss 3 methods of doing it. Continue reading

10 YouTube URL Tricks for Dazzling Video Experience

youtubeOnce Google opened YouTube on Feb 14th, 2005 a rush of videos started pouring in. In the present context, people are using YouTube for variety of reasons. They share their experiences with other people around the world by apportioning videos of tech, recipes, teaching tutorials and other stuff.

Today we are going to talk about 10 different YouTube URL tricks that can be used to sizzle your video experience. Continue reading