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Basic Networking Commands in Ubuntu


Networking is an integral part of computer system nowadays. With the advent of high speed and cheap internet, one cannot stay disconnected for much long. If you have been using Windows, you might have noticed that most of the networking part is done automatically by the system itself. Linux, however is a totally different story. Considering the fact that the Linux system is pretty complex, various commands are available at it’s disposal, to make use of the various secure features provided by the system. Here’s some of the basic commands that can be used for various tasks ranging from troubleshooting to establishing a secure connection.


This is the most basic networking command available. It basically sends and ICMP request packet to the host or destination computer, and if the host is functioning properly you will get the response ICMP packet back.

ping [address]

This [address] can be replaced by:

  • IP address of the host.
  • DNS name of the host.
  • IP address of default gateway.
  • Loopback address , i.e.
  • IP address of DNS server.

ping success


As the name suggests, it is basically a network diagnostic tool which provides information about the various hosts that packet travels while moving from the source to the destination computer. Each node/host will be displayed along with the various information of the host like, response time, etc. It also uses ICMP packets like ping command.

traceroute [address]

traceroute command


This command can be used to map names to an IP address. IT provides the IP address of the domain name given as parameter.

host [domain name]

host command



It can be thought of as the reverse of host command. Thus, it will basically look up the OP addresses associated with a domain name and provide other related information about it.

nslookup [IP address]




This command allows to look for information in the internet database for proper hostnames. Useful for tracing IP address to a host name and vice-versa.

whois [ IP address ]

In case the command is not installed in Ubuntu, use the following command.

sudo apt-get install whois



This command offers you a simple way to retrieve information of your network connections, like incoming and outgoing connections, which programs are making connections, amount of data being transmitted etc.




Domain Information Groper, is the program is to find DNS information like reverse lookups, query  NS records, bulk DNS query, etc .

dig [domain name]



This command allows you to check and configure your network cards for assigning IP address, DNS address and Gateway addresses.

Using the plain ifconfig command provides information like details of all existing configured network cards and interfaces.


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Top Linux Text Editors

Linux is very popular platform among developers and programmers as it provides seamless flexibility in terms of development. Linux has also been the very base of Computer Science education from the advent, for writing any program or web application developer needs a sufficiently reliable text editor supporting large number of programming languages. So in this post we provide you with a comprehensive list of text editors which are available for Linux:



Vim is one of the most popular text editor available for Linux written by Bram Moolenaar in 1991 using C and Vim Script. It is a cross platform software and is also available for Windows operating system and OS X. Vim is console based and supports syntax highlighting with multiple plugin support for different functionalities and specializations. User can personalize different key mappings and keystrokes often known as Macros and automate calling of user defined functions.

Official Website 




Emacs are also very popular among developers natively developed by Richard Stallman and Guy L. Steele, Jr in 1976 using C and Emac Lisp. It is also a cross platform editor and latest release is 22.3. Its most used flavor is GNU Emacs which is a real time display editor famous for its extensibility, customization and self documentation. There are different forks of Emacs available such as GNU Emacs, XEmacs, Meadow, SXEmacs and Aquamacs. It is provided with a built in tutorial which is launched by default on starting the application.

Official Webite





gedit is a GUI based default text editor of Gnome desktop environment designed in 2000 using C followed by Python for further releases specifically for structured markup languages and source code editing. Its current stable release is 3.14.0 which uses GTK 3 libraries and is available for both Mac and Windows. It supports tabbed file opening, multi-language spell check and variety of plugins.

Official Website




Sublime is a very rich source code and text editor developed by Jon Skinner in 2008. It is developed in C++ and Python and supports wide variety of programming languages. Features such as GoTo Anything which provides quick navigation to symbols, search and line numbers, Multiple  selection which allows user to make multiple changes at same time not same change multiple times, Command palette which stores frequently used keystrokes and commands such as for indentation and sorting, Split Editing which can split window into two files and allows editing in both files simultaneously, Distraction free mode, project switch and many more makes Sublime a preferred choice for a developer.

Official Website




Kate is acronym for KDE Advanced Text Editor which is developed by KDE and remains default text editor of KDE desktop environment. This award winning editor was developed in 2002 and features window splitting, multi document interface, SQL and GDB plugin, bidirectional text rendering, network transparency and many more. It also supports regular expressions and uses Katepart as editor component and Konsole as terminal emulator.

Official Website

Customize Unity Desktop in Ubuntu

unity logo

Unity is a part of The Ayatana Project to improve the user experience with Ubuntu. It is basically a graphical shell for GNOME desktop environment developed by Canonical Ltd. for its Ubuntu operating system. Unlike the previous desktop environments like GNOME, KDE , etc. , Unity is not a collection of applications but is designed to use existing programs.

Now let us Customize Unity Desktop in Ubuntu:

Grouping apps with Launch Folders

If you have many applications taking up the space in Unity side launcher, you can group them together by making use of Launch Folders application. This application allows you to group web apps, links, shell script, etc. in folders which can then be directly integrated in Unity launcher.

Open the Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following commands :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:asukhovatkin/unity-launcher-folders sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install unity-launcher-folders

install laucnh folder

Enter the password when prompted to and continue. You can also view this video from the developers to understand it’s features and functioning in a more better way.

Add Shutdown , Restart and other power options to Dash

Sometimes it may happen due to various technical reasons that you may not be able to use the session icon to log out, shutdown, etc. In such a case you can create shortcuts for the same in the Ubuntu’s unity dash.

Open the Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install power-commands

add power options Now open the dash to see the icons.

Resize the Unity Launcher

If you work on smaller screen, you might require to decrease the size of the icons to use up the space more effectively. Alternatively, you can also enlarge the launcher for large or multiple screens. Click the System Settings icon.

system settings Then select Appearance icon. appearance Select the “Look” tab. look tab Drag the marker on the bottom right corner of the screen and you can see the changes taking effect immediately.


Note: The default size of launcher is 48, in case you wish to revert back.

default size


changed size

Hide Unity Launcher

You can use this cool trick if you rarely use the side launcher, or if it is taking up too much space.

Click the System Settings icon.system settings Then select Appearance icon.


Select the “Behavior” tab.

Hidden Launcher Turn ON the ON/OFF switch. Now under reveal location , you can select “Left Side” if you wish to move the mouse to left side to reveal the launcher, or select the “Top left corner” if you wish to reveal it in the top left corner. You can also adjust the reveal sensitivity if you like.

Unity tweak tool

You can also make various customization on Unity by installing this application. Open the terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freyja-dev/unity-tweak-tool-daily sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Once installed you can easily make various changes to the Unity Launcher.

unity tweak tool dash

unity tweak tool open

Top Android Keyboard Applications

As  Android users we enjoy many prospects of customization and one of them are third party keyboards. There are ample amount of keyboard applications available in the play store which allows you to choose different themes and helps you to reach new level of typing speed and precision. So here we rounded up with some of the best keyboards available for Android devices:



Without any doubt SwiftKey is the most popular keyboard application in play store with over 50000000 downloads. It is able to correct even the sloppiest writing mistakes and supports over 800 emoticons. It allows personalized predictions, auto-correct and beautiful themes, users are able to shift the keyboard on left or right side of the panel depending upon the hand using for typing and also un-dock the keyboard from the bottom and put it anywhere on screen. Other features include cloud connectivity and vast language support of over 60 languages.

Download SwiftKey



Swype is the first swipe-to-type keyboard application and is widely popular with over 10000000 downloads. It is available free for 30 days after then it can be purchased for Rs. 60. It hold Guinness World Record for fastest message typing and features bilingual support, personal dictionary backup and sync,  next word prediction and Dragon prediction which is a voice recognition feature. Users can also use gestures for select all, cut, copy and paste.

Download Swype




This a minimal looking yet a powerful keyboard application hitting around 5000000 downloads on play store. Layout of the keyboard changes dynamically when user start typing so that the next letter to type appears next to the finger. It is available for free for first 30 days with in-app purchases. Fleksy supports different layouts including QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak. Featuring colorful themes, powerful gestures, incredible auto-correct, type-n-play and cloud personalization it made cut to our list of top keyboard applications.

Download Fleksy



As the name suggest, Minuum is a minimal keyboard application having seen around 50000 downloads, designed for maximum screen space while typing and is one of its kind. It takes half the screen space taken by regular keyboards and user can also monitor his/her typing speed while typing. Minuum also supports different layouts including QWERTY, AZERTY and A to Z, featuring multitasking, smartwatch support as it is ideal for smaller screens, voice recognition, full size expansion and easy caps.

Download Minuum

Some more keyboard applications are popular among users but have a limited fanbase. This list includes Adaptxt, AI Type keyboard plus, Go Keyboard, Hacker’s Keyboard, Kii Keyboard and TouchPal X and all of them are available for download on play store.

Best Free Android Apps to Backup Your Phone

Best Free Android Apps to Backup Your Phone

Ask any phone user out there today as to what is their biggest fear about their phone, you will find a unanimous answer from most of them; losing their data and contacts. Now for that, cloud storage and backups have reduced these issues to a greater extent, but it is still far from done. There is still dependability on third party backup apps to store our data safely so that in any untoward event, the data can be easily recovered. For that purpose, we here are bringing you the best free Android Apps which you can use to back up your phone data.

  1. Helium – App Sync and Backup:

This was one of the first apps to come with a plethora of backup features and hit the sweet spot with the users instantaneously. It finally gave users the freedom and ability to store the non-protected apps directly to your internal storage or SD card. But leaving that aspect out, the app still backs up all the app data so that even if you have to download the app again, this will make sure your progress or else the data is safe. Also this reduces the size of the backup as well. Apart from this, the usual SMS, Wi-Fi information, etc. can also be backed up using this app.

Download Helium – App Sync and Backup from here

Helium Screenshot

  1. Ultimate Backup:

As the name suggests, this is an all it can do app, but only for its Pro version which costs greens. As for the free version, it has all the great features like App Data backup, SMS, contacts, etc. the best use of this app for the rooted device users as they can even get the Nandroid backup for their device just in case, so it is really helpful there. Also it is pretty aesthetically pleasing too. The UI is tweakable, fresh and something you will enjoy playing around with.

Download Ultimate Backup from here

Ultimate Backup lite Screenshot

  1. Titanium Backup * Root:

This app has been around since quite some time now, but it is definitely not the one who is just looking to fool around with their devices. This app is for the seasoned android users who root their devices and modify them to their liking. So all the unrooted devices out there, this app is absolutely not for you. Plus this is possibly one of the ugliest looking apps out there though more than functional guess that is why it is, to ward of unwanted public.


Download Titanium Backup from here

Titanium Backup Screenshot

  1. Super Backup:

Super backup is actually a great free app. It allows for backing up of data directly on the cloud or to your SD card. The only downside if this app is that it does not have support for other cloud storage options other than Gmail that is a bummer. So importing of the backup will have to done using a PC companion. The best feature that makes this app stand out is the automatic backup and backup scheduling feature.

Download Super Backup from here

Super Backup Screenshot

  1. Avast Mobile Backup and Restore:

Avast has a lot of security apps in store for us, and they have also brought out a backup app now. This is a great app as it allows us to back up all that we want from apps, app data, sms, call logs, etc. the app data though is only for the premium users running root devices, not otherwise.

Download Avast Mobile Backup and Restore from here

Avast Mobile Backup and Restore Screenshot

So this is our list of the best free backup apps available as of yet from the thousands more out there. Let us know if you are using some other backup app and your experiences by commenting down below and stay tuned to devilshouts for more in the field in technology.

Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Believe it or not, Facebook is cracking down big time on click baiters! According to an official statement issued by product specialist professional Joyce Tang and research scientist Khalid El Arini, Facebook will no longer be privy to articles that have a click bait headline.

Now what exactly is the fuss about?

Let’s first understand what click-bait articles are! Well, they are the ones that have headlines that provide no information about the article to be viewed in the link posted. Instead, they simply attempt to instigate the viewer to click more for picking up more pieces of information. A typical example of a click bait message headline could be-“you will never be able to guess which two Hollywood actresses fought openly at the awards night yesterday! What do you think happened after that? Read here to know – (and the link will be pasted). Here, the title says precious little about the content that is to follow! It barely entices the reader to “click” on the link. So, what it is offering person is a “click-bait”. And these are the ones the brand new Facebook algorithm plans to crack down on!

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What made Facebook Sit Up and Take Note?

The social media giant conducted an online survey with respect to the type of content that is preferred by readers in “News Feed”. Results revealed that in about 80% cases, people confessed that they indeed preferred headlines that provided some idea of what the link is about. They wished to decide beforehand whether the articles on the link are of any use or interest to them or not. They wouldn’t prefer to waste time on an article that is hardly of any use to them! According to Facebook, these headlines which are simply dishing out baits for clicking could be drowning out relevant content from friends and associates as well as from pages that people would be more interested about. And this is the very reason why it has planned to change its algorithm.

So, what is the New Rule?

Facebook has made an announcement that the links should now be posted in link form alone and not in the form of photo captions. Photos that have links given in the captions will not be given priority in News Feeds.

Primarily, Facebook has become highly sensitive about its traffic diversion. It does not want its users to be tricked into visiting links they might not be interest to them. This brand new Facebook algorithm is bound to be good news for Facebook users. They will now have a fair idea of what these links contain before clicking on them impulsively and ending up wasting time.

iOS 8 vs Android KitKat 4.4

ios8 vs android kitkat 4.4

If there were to be a battle between the various Operating Systems available in the techie market, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS would clearly emerge as victorious. But the highly speculated and debated question is that who emerges as the winner among the two – Android or iOS ? The phone-users of the world can conveniently be divided into two categories – those who use android and those who use iOS. These are the two operating software’s that are dominating the world markets right now. While Android software is used by most of the leading phone makers such as LG, Samsung, HTC etc. , iOS is limited only to Apple and it’s products. This individuality and inimitability of is what makes users fall in love with it right away. This battle has been on since forever.

Competing once again for the top spot in the Operating Software markets, Android and Apple are all set to set woo the world with their latest versions – Android’s KitKat 4.4 and Apple’s iOS 8. On one hand the techno junkies are worshiping KITKAT calling it a work of art and the next big thing in Planet Gadget on the other hand Apple’s widely held iOS 8 has also been tagged as being technologically way ahead of its time and Apple’s very own masterpiece. Apparently making a fair choice between these two is going to be easier said than done. This is definitely a Clash of the Titans ! So how do you judge an OS whether it’s good, bad or path breaking ? What are the decisive factors that make users love it or hate it? How do the Tech Gurus derive conclusions when there’s so much to investigate ? Let’s take a sneak- peak into some of these factors and how each of these operating software’s are responding to them.


User Interface is a very important element (most important, for some), when it comes to the desired attributes a potential buyer or user looks for in any gadget. UI bridges the gap between the user and the features present in a gadget. In fact, a successful interface is so important that in its absence, the user wouldn’t be able to interrelate with their gadget. Make a bad UI and the user won’t be able to access and navigate most of the apps or features present. What is the point of having a phone full of awesome apps which you can’t even get through with ease ? It’s like having chocolate cake right in front of you and not being able to eat it. How bad is that.

When it comes to User Interface, both KitKat and iOS 8 have done some hardcore improvisations in their latest versions. Android has always been recognized for its bright and vibrant display with a generous use of bright colors and hues. Remember Jellybean 4.2 ? But with this one Google has kept it’s interface/display very minimal in colors and highly unobtrusive. Which is good in a way because it’s going to be a refreshing change from the usual gaudy and vivid avatar of Android. Notifications on the top have now been changed to a classy white unlike the colored ones in Jelly bean. Another noticeable amendment is that the top and bottom black margins on the display have been eliminated leading to more room on the desktop for apps or widgets ultimately making the screen look bigger and more polished. Apart from these changes, the interface continues to be routinely and harmonizing with the UI elements of the subsequent versions.

Apple iOS 8 has also not left any stones unturned when it comes to making the necessary changes and giving a tough competition to KitKat. Apple anyway did some major modification and repair-work in it’s previous version iOS 7 so with iOS 8 it maintains almost the same design and visuals. So it looks largely the same as iOS 7 with no new surprising changes or anything. What is new is a number of small features here and there but there are no radical changes in the interface other than the fact that it’s smoother and faster to access. This is because while the outer appearance and the layout remains the same, some subtle yet powerful changes underneath have made this version a much better and modernistic version of iOS 7. But nonetheless there are certain changes like notifications have been made faster and smoother to respond to. For example you can respond and act upon a notification even if you’re in a completely different app. So mark an email as read or unread in the middle of a game or an Whatsapp conversation without having to quit.

CONCLUSION- While Android has done a great job with the sharp Display and the elegant use of colors and layout , Apple’s new InstaRespond feature where you can respond to the notifications from the notification box itself is a great feature to look forward to. Android goes out of its way and does some serious experimentation but Apple plays safe and sticks to the UI of iOS7. So if you’re looking for a change of interface and something new then android is the word but if you don’t like to be surprised and refuse to experiment then go for Apple.


Apple’s App Store undoubtedly rules the market when it comes to the collection of apps. Although both Apple and Android stores have 2 million apps available for download, Apple has been the leader when it comes to the quality and assortment of it’s apps. But then Android is fast catching up by coming up with new and better stuff each day. But it should also be noticed that the number of downloads from the android app store are much more than the iOS store for the simple reason that Android is certainly the most used OS on the planet.

With the new iOS8, Apple has slaughtered the source of revenue of a lot of app developers by in-building most of the features which could only be installed as third-party apps. So basically a lot of features have been introduced with this version which have rendered a lot of apps ineffective. This is a good news as well as a bad one. Good because no need to download third party apps and bad because you’ll have to live with these new changes. For example- The iMessage in iOS8 allows you to send multimedia messages so who needs WhatsApp and Snapchat anymore? (if all your friends happen to be using the iPhone). iCloud has been done so awesomely this time that eliminates the need for Dropbox and forget Skype because of the phone’s ability to make calls over Wi-Fi, without using an app (we could talk about that, eh ? )Also, Apple is keeping up with the recent fitness fad and is focusing more on lifestyle apps such as HomeKit and HealthKit to its suite of APIs. The former permits developers to manage things in your home, from the lighting, to your thermostat, even your fridge if you want it to, while HealthKit enables app makers to merge health monitoring apps and devices to third party apps that you can download. Makes the iOS 8 more desirable , right ?

Android also has developed some really cool apps for the android kitkat version which will make you fall in love with your phone right away. The thing about Android is that almost any app can run on the Android OS and is compatible with it. So when there are so many third party apps available for downloads the possibility of customizing and personalizing your phone are infinitive. The Google Now app this time has been improvised into something more advanced and understanding( LITERALLY). It actually listens to you. Yes it does. You can now jump-start Google Now by simply saying “OK Google”. It’s only available to Nexus 5 for now though. The contextual cards feature also gets an advancement. Google Now cards will try to predict information you need based on your where you are currently, favorite sites or TV programs. So it does understand you well like nobody else. It is definitely your perfect partner.


Moreover , Android 4.4 features a new app-linking feature, which allows Google Search to deep-link search results to applications installed on your phone. So, for example, searching for a restaurant via Google Now can automatically take you to a restaurant reservation app such as OpenTable, ready to make a reservation for that particular restaurant. It’s smart, fast and identifies with you really well. (And no we’re not talking about the perfect boyfriend here).

CONCLUSION- Using iOS 8 is highly recommended if you’re one hell of a lazy person and would choose to save yourself the trouble of downloading third party apps because honestly with so many high-end features, Apple doesn’t really leave much scope or need for downloading external apps. But it’s also true that you’ll have to find your feet with all these changes that you may or may not like.

In contrast to this, Google leaves a lot of its functionality to be carried out by external apps and let’s you feel the thrill of downloading new apps and trying them on your device. You can do so much with your Android device. Though a few new APIs were embedded in KitKat, Google Cloud Print has been integrated into Android, but AirPrint already exists in iOS. So it’s not basically a new act to charm the audience with. There’s an API allowing developers to use the health sensors such as the pedometer, but it isn’t transferable onto all devices, only working if the hardware exists.So if you like downloading apps and if you’re a fan of Android’s ability to let you personalize your phone and do stuff with it, then Android KitKat is your thing because the functionality and appearance is so much more flexible than the iPhone.


Communication is the sun around which the Apple solar system revolves. The in-built communication apps in Apple are always ahead of its time and ultramodern. Didn’t you just love Facetiming and iMessaging? And with iOS8 it only gets better. Updates to iMessage and Facetime mean iOS 8 is already ahead of Android 4.4. The biggest enhancement is the ability to send multimedia messages and voice messages via iMessage. Although it means you’ll still have to use Snapchat or WhatsApp if you’re messaging to a different OS other than iOS, iPhone users are able to communicate without having to pay the usual sms charges. Besides the iMessage is a beauty to work on interface and appearance wise.

Group chat has also been blessed with a lot of new features. Renaming Conversations being one of them just like WhatsApp, and you can control the conversation by adding or removing people if you want. It definitely has made things easier.

Although Apple didn’t say that out loud to the world at the iOS launch event, it’s been rumored that users soon will be able to make phone calls over Wi-Fi, rather than just the contacts. You could do that via skype also but then it’s hoped that Apple will let you do it for free. Facetime will support Call Waiting, that is now you can reject or accept another Facetime call while you’re already on one. It’s like you do on regular voice call. You can switch between the calls, just as you can on a call using your mobile network.

Google has it’s Google Hangouts service to compete with the iMessage service. Kitkat marks the revelation of a lot of new features and additions in the Google Hangouts service in functionality as well as the appearance. The new Hangouts app replaces the old Messaging text app, but it feels a bit congested and it’s hard to comprehend at times. The cluttered interface can be confusing and the app doesn’t integrate SMS and Google Hangout messages from the same contact together, which can complicate matters for new users. It can be replaced with an SMS app of your own choice but for that you have to download a third-party application. But those who are at home with Google Hangouts, for them things just got fancier. Old-handed Android users shouldn’t be complaining at all.

CONCLUSION- If you’re a steadfast user of Android and have loved all the previous versions then you can sit in peace because you won’t have much to complain in this one either. While Android has tried it’s best to deal with the little problems that were present in the older versions, a few newer ones have emerged. But if you’re an Android lover then you can always snub these tribulations. If you’re looking for something better or are bored of using Android devices all the time (It’s in a lot of Devices so chances are pretty high), iOS is a good catch for you. Apple has a good Apple to Apple communique method which makes it all the more exclusive (you may take it as good or bad). It has made some major in-built changes that can not be undone( Apple is not as customizable as Android). So basically each one has some loop holes here and there but they’re also great and ahead of their time no doubt. It’s hard to say which one is better in general because honestly it depends on what you’re looking for in a device. One has a better interface while the other one has better functionality.

ABSOLUTE WINNER – We all are aware of the mass-popularity and the hype surrounding the launch of both of these OS but right now iOS 8 is what has caught our fancy more than the Android KitKat. Apple has played all it’s cards well and have created an OS which may not be perfect but it is definitely a step or two ahead of Android. It has smashed the new Android in terms of interface and features and is riding higher than all its contenders. It is packed with features, redefined and all the past issues sincerely dealt with. It’s worth the price tag and is something you should definitely give a try. So this New Year treat yourself to the ever-luxurious iPhone 6 which has already become the talk of the town and kick start the year with a taste of the APPLE.( pun intended !)

New Gossip in the town – iPhone 6 plus BendGate

When I recently wrote the article about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it was pretty much in boom and almost every third person in the town wanted to buy these magnificent pieces by Apple. But, what suddenly made the snowball melt and made people think twice before investing in this phone?

When I opened the YouTube website recently, I saw the suggestion page was full of iPhone 6 plus #BendGate videos and people were taken aback with the shocking result, iPhone 6 plus BENDS!

bendgate 2

What is #BendGate?

The design flaws in various phones which cause the phone to bend, crack and stop functioning is quite popular among the social media users as #BendGate.

Though iPhone 6 plus is not the first phone which has a problem of bending, but of course it is the first one in the series of Apple iPhone. With 5 million views and counting, a lot of reports claim that iPhone 6 bends when applied a certain amount of pressure or kept in tight pockets for a long time. The question is how true are these reports? There are many videos personally uploaded by people online bending their aluminum pieces and showing the dent formation on the upper part of the phone. Around 5 cm from the top is a certain point, which has been observed by many people is the bending spot.

bendgate 1

And this bend, unfortunately, is a permanent bend which may cause your phone to stop functioning.

Why does iPhone 6 plus bend?

It has been observed that iPhone 6 plus bends due to following reasons:

  1. The type of aluminum Apple has used is really poor in quality as it requires very minimum amount of pressure to bend.
  2. The iPhone 6 plus breaks only from the top of the phone because there are no screws present there, unlike the ones on the bottom side.
  3. The two weakest stress points are near the sim card case and other on the volume button. It is seen that when the phone bends, it takes a curve at this point and then breaks.
  4. The attachment of the screen layer to the phone is so weak that when the phone bends, all the internal connections are broken and screen is flapped out from the body of the phone.

Replacement/ Repair of The Bend Phones

Even after going through durability test during manufacturing and clearing it, iPhone 6 plus is facing a BendGate problem.

iPhone 6 plus once bent cant be repaired in any way, leaving the customers with no choice but to replace it. The pieces which are still in the guarantee/ warranty could be replaced in the Apple stores.

Though apple had promised to the users to replace the bent iPhone 6 plus, but now Apple has introduced some guidelines which users are unaware about. The replacement of the bent iPhone 6 plus totally depends upon the Genius and manager from the Apple store. The Genius and the store manager are following the guidelines sent by the apple. So, the device has to pass visual inspection and store guidelines that only genius and store managers are versed with.

Solution to The Apple iPHONE 6 Plus BendGate

Apple can’t hide behind the low quality aluminum used in the iPhone 6 plus model. One way to overcome the malleability of the product is using good metal ware and focusing on the stress points from where the phone bends.

The new batch should undergo malleability and a bend test and then the batch should be launched in the market for use.

Apple has established a benchmark in technology with altogether a different operating system to unique idea of products, but the question rises will the iPhone 6 plus BendGate bring the boom name of the company down?

I hope this article helps you to make a decision of investment in iPhone 6 series.