3 Best iPad Browser App Alternatives for Safari

By | September 27, 2014
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3 Best iPad Browser App Alternatives for SafariWhen you bring home your brand new iPad, you have the Safari web browser at your disposal, by default. Although the Safari dies offer a unique browsing experience, you may still wish for options. First up, as of now, there is no way in which you can set up another iPad browser app as the default option. However, you can avail of the superior features of 3rd party browser applications which prove to be superior as compared to Safari. 3 Best iPad Browser App Alternatives for Safari, Let’s look at each of them.

Google Chrome

The Chrome is indeed excellent for iOS devices. It offers standard features like bookmarks and tabbed browsing. However, what make it special are its unique features. For instance, when you are on Chrome, you can swipe from left and right for switching between your opened tabs. This is truly convenient. You can also request for the desktop site of a specific page so that you can get the full page and the mobile version. And the desktop version is often loaded with the complete set of features you may not find in the mobile version. Overall, it is an excellent alternative for Safari.

Google Chrome for ipad

Download Chrome Browser for iPad


Dolphin is another excellent browser option for the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPad Mini, which offers standard features like find on page and tabbed browsing. However, there is a lot more to it than this. First, when you swipe left, the open tabs are promptly revealed. And, when you swipe right, you have the bookmarks before you. This is not only convenient, but a truly intuitive feature. You can also tap on the “dolphin” and use gesture shortcuts. Dolphin also allows you broadcast the website you are viewing to other available devices on the same Wi-Fi network. This comes in especially handy if you are in a meeting and wish to share a webpage with everyone in one go. Dolphin is easily one of the most innovative iPad browser app options available today.



Download Dolphin Browser for iPad

Opera Mini

And finally there is the Opera which provides for its own set of enigmatic features apart from standard options. You have bookmarks for speed dial and a share option that has been built in for sharing across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Email, My Opera and so on. You also have an option called “saved pages”. Another feature that makes Opera a unique choice is that capacity to track down data usage. For instance, if you are nervous about using up all your data when away from Wi-Fi, you opera browser provides information on data usage, for keeping you on track.

opera mini web browser for ipad

Download Opera Mini for iPad

Depending upon your preferences, you can choose your browser options for the best experiences!

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