5 Best Free iOS Apps

By | October 5, 2014
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5 Best Free iOS Apps

The iOS App store offers it’s users one of the biggest and most colorful collection of apps. Any apple user would agree to that even with dead senses. With almost a million wonderful paid and unpaid apps filling the shelves of the iTunes app store,it can be tricky to decide which one is worth the time, money(in case of paid apps) and bytes. Well , it only makes sense that we pay a little extra attention and do enough research before going for a paid one because you’re spending precious moolah on it, but then the unpaid ones too can’t be taken with a pitch of salt as you’re still spending your internet bytes and valuable time trying out the new thing. So if you’re on a serious hunt for some killer apps for your iPhone which you don’t have to pay for, EVER, then here’s a list of some of the coolest free stuff that you just wouldn’t regret downloading. Check the 5 Best Free iOS Apps:


Brewster is apparently the mother of all address books that has very smoothly managed to feature everytime in the top 20 Ios apps thanks to it’s beautiful interface and functionality. What Brewster actually does is that it pulls together all your contacts, email ids and other social network addresses from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Phonebook, Gmail etc. organizing them very properly for you to access. Imagine the number of people you have in the social networking web you’ve been spinning for years ! Facebook friends , twitter followers , Instagram friends , LinkedIn folks and the list is endless. And we haven’t even counted the umpteenth number of email addresses and phone numbers in your phonebook yet. So don’t expect to find that one person’s contact details that you want right away amongst all this chaos unless you’re using an app that fixes this nut. Whether it’s a Twitter follower or some random Facebook friend or an Instagram groupie, just check Brewster and find all your contacts from everywhere neatly stacked and piled up.Brewster

Not just that, it further detangles your social knots by arranging all these contacts into specific lists which allows you to view your contacts by their geographic location, relationship and other info.

The cherry on the cake is that it is very easy and convenient to use no matter how illiterate you are technologically. It is by far the most visually appealing address book apps and once you start using it you’ll realize how much time and effort you’ll save each time you want to look up a contact. So download Brewster today and give a new life to everyday contact management and give yourself the gift of a uncomplicated and time-managing way to always stay connected.

Download Link for Brewster


If you’re a music buff and good music is your escape then Eureka ! Eureka ! We just found you the perfect music app. Pandora radio or just Pandora is a great way to discover and listen to new songs. It takes into account your very own device’s music library to suggest and play songs based on the collection you already have. Loved a song you just heard ? Give it a thumbs up and Pandora will play similar songs and give you recommendations based on the same. Pandora Radio

Also, if you don’t like a song, Pandora makes sure it doesn’t bother you again, with one simple click. So if you’re too lazy to create a playlist or to select your choice of songs, let Pandora do all the work and stream the type of music you’d want to listen. Never thought you could play around with music in such a fun way, eh ? What’s cooler is that you can listen to music as per your mood because It also has a disturbingly wide variety of music in a wider variety of genres. Feeling romantic or feeling blue missing someone special ? Or just want to let your hair down and party hard ? There’s music for every mood and that too loads of it. So go ahead and download Pandora. So go ahead, throw as much tantrums as you want and listen to only what you want to with the ever-awesome Pandora radio.

Download Link for Pandora Radio


This trivia game for iOS hit the one-million-registered-players mark in just 7 mere days from the time it was launched. Do we even need to say more about how great and addictive this game is ? Quiz up is an amazing quiz game where you get to play with players from all over the world in whichever category you wish to play. The best part is that you compete with real people and their knowledge and not some virtual player or a device. From logos and Harry Potter , to philosophy and The Hunger games there’s a category for everyone to play in. So this one app has as much info and trivia in it as a big fat encyclopaedia contains . Just that playing Quiz Up is way more fun than sitting with the Encyclopedia.QuizUp
Quiz up is the perfect game whether you’re just trying to kill some time or are thirsty for knowledge and facts. You can never be too dumb for a game like Quiz Up. The interface is smart and slick, the rounds are lightning fast and the quicker you answer the more you score. So watch that Timer ! There’s much more to the game than just answering questions. It lets you chat up with the player and discuss in between the game. Flaunting your knowledge by answering questions , learning and socializing is all that you can do in a game of Quiz Up. Now we know why It has been ranked as the App Store’s #1 app in almost 10 countries. The game has made The game offers you a number of specialized topics so that you can pick the one topic that interests you the most or which you want to excel at. Ain’t it a really cool way to get some useful trivia into your system ? This amazing Quiz Up community already has more than 1.5 million registered users/players. So become a part of this awesome community today and Quiz Up your brain a bit. But download at your at your own risk because this game is highly ADDICTIVE !


Download Link for Quiz Up

Find My iPhone

The world is so obsessed with its gadgets that no matter where one goes their gadgets follow them like a tail. Well, staying plugged-in 24*7 is the latest trend and everyone seems to be following it. And for that it’s a must to carry not just our Phones but also our laptops and iPads wherever we go. Blame the digitization of the Universe ! And thus we encounter the very common problem of people losing or misplacing their phones and gadgets. It’s only valid to be panic-stricken and to freak out in such a situation because you won’t just lose your device but the innumerable contacts ,photos ,data and other confidential stuff. Find my Iphone is one app that eases your pain of searching for your misplaced device ( iPhone,iPad,or MAC) and helps you speed up to finding process.

Find My iPhone

Whether it fell under a table or you left it with someone else, Find my Iphone can help you locate it with the help of another iOS device. You can not only detect your own device via another ios device, but also locates it on a map, protects your private data, shows a message, plays a sound at full volume (for few minutes) even if your missing iPhone was set to silent, and remotely locks your device. So now no need to panic and freak out everytime you can’t find your phone because its this app to the rescue. Imagine the amount of time and effort you’ll save each time you can’t remember the whereabouts of your phone ! So download this free of cost app today and keep your device safe from getting lost.

Download Link for Find My iPhone


You know the one thing that can beat a fun iOS word-game ? A FREE iOS word-game. The geek inside you sits up straight and attentive at the mention of a supercool word-game available for free, doesn’t it? With a smart conceptualization of territorial control and turn-based wordplay, letterpress is one of the coolest word-games around. It doesn’t fail to charm you immediately by it’s gorgeous interface ,subtle designing and the use of beautiful colors and themes. Letterpress is an absolutely thrilling deal which you’re bound to enjoy if you like cunning word games. Moreover ,You can choose your own combination of colors for the playboard, the color of your tiles and your opponent’s tiles.

Letterpress – Word Game

Each turn not only lets you make new words and score with the given set of tiles, but also lets you target and conquer your opponents’ tiles by sly moves. Sounds thrilling, right? The idea is to conquer as many tiles on the board as you can by using them to make words. Well, You have to be a real smartypants to get a lead in this one! Another good news is that you can start more than one game at a time so you don’t have to keep waiting to get back into action until your fellow player takes his turn. Basically, if you’re bored of the usual word-making and word-searching while the timer ticks, this will be a nice change for you. Take your time and use tiles cleverly while you mark your own territory and take down the opponent’s. Try LETTERPRESS today if you’re looking for some wordplay fan.

Download Link for LetterPress

Never thought having an iPhone could be so much fun, eh ? These were some of the best FREE iOS apps that are ultra necessary for your Apple device whether it’s about enhancing the utility of your device or plain and simple killing of time. And by free we mean absolutely free-of-cost, without any later-on payments or registration gimmicks. With these apps you can make sure that you’re always connected and entertained, never running out of things to do with your iPhone . So now we know what they meant when they said “some of the best things in life are for free”.

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