5 less known features of Google Maps

By | August 31, 2014
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Google Map is not just about getting the directions and seeing the routes by zooming in, but it offers a number of features to help you do a lot of activities very efficiently. Here are certain tips of Google Maps that will help you get started. This technology obsession is letting Google Maps Tracking your every move.

An asterisk in search box

If you want to see all the information about a given place that is available on Google Maps, for that you need to zoom out or in whichever way it is convenient for you and thereafter type asterisk in the search box. When you press search tab, Google Maps will instantly mark all places which have a red dot on the map. If you know the name of a particular city, street or neighborhood about which you need information, the asterisk trick will be very useful. All that you will need to do is type an asterisk with the name of the particular place. You will instantly have details about the location for which Google has information.

Google Maps asterisk in search box

Intelligent search

The search box in Google Maps has the capability to do more than just showing specific places. Map related searches can be understood too. For example if you zoom a small area on the map then type to search for a school or hospital, you will get the information on map.

Intelligent search for School

Intelligent search for School

Intelligent Route/ Rerouting

When you want to know the route from one point of a place to another, Google map will provide the shortest route to reach there. You may sometimes not require the shortest way. You may be avoiding a place in the route or want to go through a specific point. In such a case rerouting can be done. A search from Meerut to Gurgaon has been made reflection three possible routes. One route has a toll while the other two are toll free.

Google maps Intelligent Route/ Rerouting

Google Map with toll

Google maps Intelligent Route/ Rerouting

Google map toll free

Every time a route is drawn by Google Maps between two places, important points are marked with white dots. These markings are active points that can be, if required clicked and dragged. At whichever point you would want to make a change in the Google route, you will simply need to drag the active point to any other place to change the route. Google will right away plan your way accordingly.


Offline Maps

Google maps let you to save the maps that you may require in the future but at the same time you may not have access to the internet. The way to save maps for offline is not an obvious choice.

1. When you get the whole area which you require on the screen, you will have to type ‘”OK Maps” in search box.

Save Google Maps

2.Then when you will hit search, you will be asked by Google Maps whether you want to save it or not.

Save Google Maps

Note: I have tested it over my android mobile, working absolutely fine. Not working on my desktop.

Make amendments the way you want

Google Map has a feature called Map Maker live, available in several countries, you can visit it here. While going if you see that it is marked wrongly- a shop, school or a monument- you can make amendments in the map with the help of Map Marker. If you see that certain information that is missing, then you may add the details.

You will be requiring Google Earth and can even continue without.


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