6 Apps to take Screenshots on Android

By | September 16, 2014
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Android’s claim to fame is easily its apps! The amazing repertoire of apps that android Smartphone users are given to enjoy is what has made it so very popular! In fact, you will have several choices for a single theme and you can choose one that provides the best results. So, you actually have 6 different apps to choose from for a landing a top notch screenshot!

An App for a Screenshot? Does it Sound Strange?

Well, the older devices operating on Android 2.3 OS and below weren’t capable of taking screenshots. However, this feature has been added in the newer versions and all phones with Android 4.0 OS and above can now accomplish this task with a combination of keys. Therefore, if your phone alone can capture a screenshot, well and good! However, if you can’t, these marvelous apps always come to your rescue.

How these Apps are Useful:

These apps for snapshots are truly helpful in clicking images of things that may not be images themselves. Confused? Well, let’s look at an example here. Supposing you have received an email that’s really important and you wish to take a back up. But, your email does not have a “save” option! What do you do? Well, if you have one of these apps on your smartphone, you can simply click a screenshot of this email or any kind of document for that matter and display it on your phone. So, it could be an IM chat, a gaming interface that is in-session and so on! Practically, you can produce real time proofs of just about anything with the aid of these helpful tools

1. The Screenshot ER Demo


Well, the best thing about this app is that it is completely free and it allows you to take perfect screenshots on any rooted Android OS device. It’s fancy and user-friendly too! Besides, you can rename images, edit them, rotate them or flip them quite easily. And, what about the downsides? Well, first, it works on a rooted android OS device and therefore the demon version does put up a watermark on the screenshots. So, if you can work with watermarks, the free demo version works fine. However, if you can’t, consider the paid watermark free Pro version.

2. No Root Screenshot It:


So here we have an app that facilitates the snapshot process without having the Android device rooted! So, no rooting and you can still accomplish a screenshot! Lovely! However, here comes the bitter fact! It’s paid! If you aren’t always looking for a paid app, this one is a clear winner. Another fact is that it requires to be run with your phone connected to your computing system. So, you simply cannot use it while you are on the go!

3. Screenshot:



Screenshot is another app that takes screenshots quite easily. As an Android user you can simply touch the shot icon and take a screenshot. He can also use the power button and the volume down button in tandem. The shot can be saved in the desired folder as well and you can actually make minor edits by using the app itself. Here again however, the device needs to be rooted. And, the app is only for Android OS devices that are below 4.0. But, no watermarking! So rejoice!

4. Eversnap:


Clicking screenshots have never been so much fun. Although this app requires your phone to be rooted for taking screenshots, this indeed is a great deal of fun. All you have to do is shake your smartphone for clicking! And, you can even share the screenshot with your friends. However, the app does host a lot of advertisements and the experience could be pretty annoying. Besides, the quality of screenshots is far from good.

5. ScreenShot HD:


If you wish to secure screenshots in full HD, this one is your pick. And here again, there is the fun of shaking your phone for clicking a screenshot. There are no advertisements too. However, the Android device needs to remain rooted for clicking the screenshot.

 6. ScreenShot Ultimate Pro:


This is another one of those paid Pro Apps that allow you to take screenshots from a non rooted device. And the experience is great! You can shake your phone, adjust the capture time and play sounds for taking the screenshot. The quality of your shot is likely to be great too!

With their individual limitations, these screenshot apps for android work quite well. So, if you are stuck with a lower version of the android, these screenshot apps are bound to be of good help. Go ahead and make use of them now.

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