Apple watch time, people !

By | September 18, 2014
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 Behold Apple-maniacs.  Apple`s highly anticipated new toy`s arrival has finally been announced. Time to be superpsyched. Apple barges into the wearables` market with the highly sophisticated smart watch. Yes, Apple`s new creation – you got this right – is The Apple Watch (Nope. Turns out, it`s not called the iWatch). Just like all the other products with the ever-famous half-bitten apple engraved on them, this one`s highly fashionable and ahead of its time (pun intended!). Scheduled to hit the Apple stores in early 2015, the Apple watch is already creating a buzz with the news that it will be released with the next-in-line iPhone 6. The show-stealing Apple Watch is speculated to be competing in the gadget markets along with the Moto 360, the Samsung Gear Live and the G watch. Tough competition, eh?

Apple Watch design


A lot of conjecture has been done and the Apple Watch has been the subject of much innuendo since the time Tim Cook announced about it in September .  Just before the launch, a few diagrams and explanatory pictures erupted on various social networks like Reddit and Twitter, causing speculation about what the Apple watch would look like, the same familiar buzz and speculation that precedes the launch of any Apple product. The Apple Watch is basically everything a watch should be and everything a phone is required to be.  It`s supposed to come in two separate case sizes – 38mm and 42mm and they can be configured as per the hand that you`d want to wear it in. It`s highly “Appelised” just like all other Apple products and is available in three different ranges with six different interchangeable bands. So which one would you like? The Leather Loop, The Milanese Loop, The Classic Buckle or the Modern Buckle.  You could customize the facets according to your own preferences. Additionally, you could also change the colours, modify the designing, and add functions of your choice. Play as much with the settings as you want and personalize to make it your own. When there`s so much to do with the appearance, the number of possible visualizations are infinite. So, how about a different visualization for each mood, eh ?

Apple Watch Band Styles



 The Apple Watch is expected by Tech Gurus to captivate the gadget market with its funky appearance and the pathbreaking interface. With multiple advanced technologies introduced in the Apple Watch and the interface being extensively new, the Apple Watch predictably starts at a steep price – 349$ and launches in early 2015. Who would`ve thought telling the time could be so glamorous. The Apple watch is your sports watch, pedometer and a fancy wrist accessory all rolled into one. If that hasn’t impressed you yet, then the Apple Watch also doubles up as your heart-rate monitor. Not only can you accurately monitor your heart-beat, but also record and send your heart-beat to other people. So apparently the Apple watch is already a winner for serious weight watchers.

Apple Watch Types

Brand Apple has come a long way since the launch of iPhone 1, the first in the series of Apple`s most profitable and popular product, the iPhone. From iPhones, to iMacs and iPads to Macbooks, Apple has disrupted nearly every sphere of computing and played around well with interface aesthetics as well as hardware.  It`s evolving faster than its peers and each product that comes out only gets better and more high-end. The iOS device users must be habituated to the Gyroscope feature and the Accelerometer to measure movement during work-out but the Apple watch is endowed with a very exclusive feature of the customized heart rate sensor. Tim Cook, the Godfather of Apple being a health nut has hopefully done a remarkable job with his new baby which aims at gifting its beloved buyers with great features and a look and feel that’s polished to the extreme. But then the Apple fanclub`s curiosity still remains unsatisfied because there`s so much that is yet to be revealed. There are better features that are yet to be showed-off. The preview has only managed to fuel more speculation and the fandom is feeding on the stories like there is no tomorrow.  You may be enamored by the Apple Watch, or you may find it pointless but there is no ignoring it. Because such is the magic of the half-bitten Apple.

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Image Credits: Apple Watch Design

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