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New Gossip in the town – iPhone 6 plus BendGate

When I recently wrote the article about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it was pretty much in boom and almost every third person in the town wanted to buy these magnificent pieces by Apple. But, what suddenly made the snowball melt and made people think twice before investing in this phone?

When I opened the YouTube website recently, I saw the suggestion page was full of iPhone 6 plus #BendGate videos and people were taken aback with the shocking result, iPhone 6 plus BENDS!

bendgate 2

What is #BendGate?

The design flaws in various phones which cause the phone to bend, crack and stop functioning is quite popular among the social media users as #BendGate.

Though iPhone 6 plus is not the first phone which has a problem of bending, but of course it is the first one in the series of Apple iPhone. With 5 million views and counting, a lot of reports claim that iPhone 6 bends when applied a certain amount of pressure or kept in tight pockets for a long time. The question is how true are these reports? There are many videos personally uploaded by people online bending their aluminum pieces and showing the dent formation on the upper part of the phone. Around 5 cm from the top is a certain point, which has been observed by many people is the bending spot.

bendgate 1

And this bend, unfortunately, is a permanent bend which may cause your phone to stop functioning.

Why does iPhone 6 plus bend?

It has been observed that iPhone 6 plus bends due to following reasons:

  1. The type of aluminum Apple has used is really poor in quality as it requires very minimum amount of pressure to bend.
  2. The iPhone 6 plus breaks only from the top of the phone because there are no screws present there, unlike the ones on the bottom side.
  3. The two weakest stress points are near the sim card case and other on the volume button. It is seen that when the phone bends, it takes a curve at this point and then breaks.
  4. The attachment of the screen layer to the phone is so weak that when the phone bends, all the internal connections are broken and screen is flapped out from the body of the phone.

Replacement/ Repair of The Bend Phones

Even after going through durability test during manufacturing and clearing it, iPhone 6 plus is facing a BendGate problem.

iPhone 6 plus once bent cant be repaired in any way, leaving the customers with no choice but to replace it. The pieces which are still in the guarantee/ warranty could be replaced in the Apple stores.

Though apple had promised to the users to replace the bent iPhone 6 plus, but now Apple has introduced some guidelines which users are unaware about. The replacement of the bent iPhone 6 plus totally depends upon the Genius and manager from the Apple store. The Genius and the store manager are following the guidelines sent by the apple. So, the device has to pass visual inspection and store guidelines that only genius and store managers are versed with.

Solution to The Apple iPHONE 6 Plus BendGate

Apple can’t hide behind the low quality aluminum used in the iPhone 6 plus model. One way to overcome the malleability of the product is using good metal ware and focusing on the stress points from where the phone bends.

The new batch should undergo malleability and a bend test and then the batch should be launched in the market for use.

Apple has established a benchmark in technology with altogether a different operating system to unique idea of products, but the question rises will the iPhone 6 plus BendGate bring the boom name of the company down?

I hope this article helps you to make a decision of investment in iPhone 6 series.

iPhone 6 unveiled, iPhone Gets a Bigger Brother

Finally, there comes an end to the wait of holding this masterpiece created once again by Apple. No wonder, why the name of this company is good enough to bring a wave of excitement in people’s mind. And here comes iPhone 6, a piece blended with all the features and specifications which people have been awaiting from a while.


With a sleek, stylized body this phone has a bunch of such features which would make anybody go crazy for this phone. Better processor, amazing camera good resolution and many such more of them. Let’s have a deeper look at them, what makes it so special. Continue reading