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Blue Whatsapp Ticks Are Here!

Blue Whatsapp Ticks Are Here!

Whatsapp has become a part of our everyday interactions, and how! We are using it rampantly for our personal interactions, official communications and loads more. We are even using the Whatsapp messenger for tracking behavioral patterns, big time! When has my message been responded to? Why is my friend ignoring me and interacting more in other groups of which I am a member too? These are just some of questions plaguing our minds, through the day! And the Whatsapp “ticks” have played an extremely important role in interpreting interactions and communication patters.

The Double Tick and its many Confusions

 The relevance of the double tick system has been argued for years. What do they mean? Does it mean that the message has been read already by the recipient? Or does it represent that the message has been simply received on the individual’s phone? Thankfully, every bit of confusion has been resolved altogether with the introduction of the double tick in blue. We have the clarifications here.

 The Ticks and their Many Meanings

Whatsapp single Grey tickA Single Grey Whatsapp Tick : This simply means that the message has been sent successfully. It does not mean that it has been read or delivered.

Whatsapp double Grey ticksDouble Grey Tick : This means that the message has been successfully delivered to the handset.


Whatsapp Blue ticksBlue Double Ticks : When the ticks turn blue it means that the message has been read by the recipient.

For those of us who truly believe in tracking the online movement of friends can actually check the time at which the message has been delivered and the time when it was read. You have to press the blue ticked message and hold it for a few seconds. Subsequently, select “info” for learning more about it.

What do you need to do for Availing this Feature?

In order to avail this feature, Android and iOS users would not be required to update software. The facility is being rolled out “over the air” meaning that some people will be able to enjoy it a little ahead of others.

Whatsapp came into effect in 2009 and is currently the most popular messaging app as of data collected on October 2014. More than half billion people around the world are active users and are slated to enjoy a better experience with these brand new features.

Productivity enhancement apps

Productivity enhancement apps

The phenomenal success of tablets and Smartphones has made numerous apps available to users. And often, these apps do have a role to play in making your lives a whole lot easier, in many ways. You have apps for banking, grocery shopping and what not! But, are there apps for enhancing productivity as well? Do they actually help you in doing your job better? We look at some of the apps here, which manage to improve upon your productivity in real time.


If you are looking out for productivity enhancement apps that can improve  productivity in all aspects of life, this one is your pick. Its free and you can use it on your Android or Apple devices. And, the ease of usage is a huge plus. The application allows you create as many lists as you please and ensure that your items remain organized. What’s special about this application is that it allows you to access your lists from any device. All your lists, once made, are saved in the cloud. You can use it for planning serious projects and even for something as basic as retrieving your grocery list on your phone, once you reach the supermarket! It keeps you sorted!

 Download Wunderlist Productivity App from Here

Screenshot Wunderlist

Speek – Free Conference Call

Conference calls are part of any and every business process these days. It helps teams to communicate without having to travel geographic distances. Despite the conveniences it offers, many consider it to be a fiddly process. Thankfully, there is an application for help. It eliminates the fuss and saves precious time for getting on with work. You just need to pick up a personal link which substitutes the traditional phone numbers and PIN. Send this to the callers invited to the call. They will only have to click on the link on their device. Simple! So no third parties here and no dodgy music or waiting tones! And, most importantly, its free!

Download Speek – Free Conference Call from Here


Screenshot Speek

Keeper Password Manager

What if you forget your system password once you reach your work desk early in the morning? You would have to wait through for your IT department to become operational and salvage matters for you! The end result is a humungous wastage of time! This is where an application like Keeper will come in handy. It has the capacity to synch your devices so that you can do away with the frustration of entering the wrong password and ending up locking your accounts. There is a single password which protects your secrets! It is safe and easy to remember!

Download Keeper Password Manager App from here

Screenshot Keeper

Whereas these surely qualify as some of the smart choices for productivity enhancing apps, there are several others too that promise to be of great help! An in-depth research is essential before making your  choice.


Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Believe it or not, Facebook is cracking down big time on click baiters! According to an official statement issued by product specialist professional Joyce Tang and research scientist Khalid El Arini, Facebook will no longer be privy to articles that have a click bait headline.

Now what exactly is the fuss about?

Let’s first understand what click-bait articles are! Well, they are the ones that have headlines that provide no information about the article to be viewed in the link posted. Instead, they simply attempt to instigate the viewer to click more for picking up more pieces of information. A typical example of a click bait message headline could be-“you will never be able to guess which two Hollywood actresses fought openly at the awards night yesterday! What do you think happened after that? Read here to know – (and the link will be pasted). Here, the title says precious little about the content that is to follow! It barely entices the reader to “click” on the link. So, what it is offering person is a “click-bait”. And these are the ones the brand new Facebook algorithm plans to crack down on!

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What made Facebook Sit Up and Take Note?

The social media giant conducted an online survey with respect to the type of content that is preferred by readers in “News Feed”. Results revealed that in about 80% cases, people confessed that they indeed preferred headlines that provided some idea of what the link is about. They wished to decide beforehand whether the articles on the link are of any use or interest to them or not. They wouldn’t prefer to waste time on an article that is hardly of any use to them! According to Facebook, these headlines which are simply dishing out baits for clicking could be drowning out relevant content from friends and associates as well as from pages that people would be more interested about. And this is the very reason why it has planned to change its algorithm.

So, what is the New Rule?

Facebook has made an announcement that the links should now be posted in link form alone and not in the form of photo captions. Photos that have links given in the captions will not be given priority in News Feeds.

Primarily, Facebook has become highly sensitive about its traffic diversion. It does not want its users to be tricked into visiting links they might not be interest to them. This brand new Facebook algorithm is bound to be good news for Facebook users. They will now have a fair idea of what these links contain before clicking on them impulsively and ending up wasting time.

3 Best iPad Browser App Alternatives for Safari

3 Best iPad Browser App Alternatives for SafariWhen you bring home your brand new iPad, you have the Safari web browser at your disposal, by default. Although the Safari dies offer a unique browsing experience, you may still wish for options. First up, as of now, there is no way in which you can set up another iPad browser app as the default option. However, you can avail of the superior features of 3rd party browser applications which prove to be superior as compared to Safari. 3 Best iPad Browser App Alternatives for Safari, Let’s look at each of them.

Google Chrome

The Chrome is indeed excellent for iOS devices. It offers standard features like bookmarks and tabbed browsing. However, what make it special are its unique features. For instance, when you are on Chrome, you can swipe from left and right for switching between your opened tabs. This is truly convenient. You can also request for the desktop site of a specific page so that you can get the full page and the mobile version. And the desktop version is often loaded with the complete set of features you may not find in the mobile version. Overall, it is an excellent alternative for Safari.

Google Chrome for ipad

Download Chrome Browser for iPad


Dolphin is another excellent browser option for the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPad Mini, which offers standard features like find on page and tabbed browsing. However, there is a lot more to it than this. First, when you swipe left, the open tabs are promptly revealed. And, when you swipe right, you have the bookmarks before you. This is not only convenient, but a truly intuitive feature. You can also tap on the “dolphin” and use gesture shortcuts. Dolphin also allows you broadcast the website you are viewing to other available devices on the same Wi-Fi network. This comes in especially handy if you are in a meeting and wish to share a webpage with everyone in one go. Dolphin is easily one of the most innovative iPad browser app options available today.



Download Dolphin Browser for iPad

Opera Mini

And finally there is the Opera which provides for its own set of enigmatic features apart from standard options. You have bookmarks for speed dial and a share option that has been built in for sharing across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Email, My Opera and so on. You also have an option called “saved pages”. Another feature that makes Opera a unique choice is that capacity to track down data usage. For instance, if you are nervous about using up all your data when away from Wi-Fi, you opera browser provides information on data usage, for keeping you on track.

opera mini web browser for ipad

Download Opera Mini for iPad

Depending upon your preferences, you can choose your browser options for the best experiences!

Android App for Mental Health Check

Apps have kind of taken over our lives in more ways than one! We have one for reminding us important dates and events, another for offering the best audio-visual experiences and even another one for something as basic as capturing the best screenshots! However, it is not just limited to this! You now have apps that care for your well being! These apps keep tab of mannerisms and lifestyle practices for arriving at concrete judgments about your health.

 The Detailed Account

So, if you are a student who is not sure if depressive tendencies are dominant in you, your Android Smartphone could actually prove to be of help. The research specialists at Dartmouth have now developed an Android app that keeps the stabs on the behavior of students. These apps silently keep record of how much sleep you are getting, the number of telephonic conversations you are having, the time you are spending in class, at the gym or at social gatherings. They are even able to monitor your stress levels and your eating habits !

Researches utilized proven mental health related surveys as benchmarks and made use of present data for determining if students were depressed, lonely or stressed out. They were eventually successful in deriving correlations between academic performance and mental health. They discovered that students who portrayed high levels of social activity enjoyed higher grades. However, they tended to have low fitness levels. Similarly, students who were more into physical activities and remained socially active ended to be happier and less depressed.


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 Improvements could be even More Fascinating

Once the app is fleshed out, it could warn students if it detected worsening of mental state. It could even use this information for predicting their GPA. However, these improvements are still akin to a utopian concept. There are some security concerns which are required to be worked out. The test program has been secure and the researchers have managed to maintain anonymity for all the data that has been taken in by the Smartphones. And, as of now, students are not being provided feedback from the application either. This is being avoided since the feedback could collude the behavior of the students and could even contaminate the findings resulting from the research. Either way, the functionality proves to be compelling.

Imagine! In the future, your Smartphone could actually provide you with a mental health diagnosis even as you are on the move!

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Conserving your Android Smartphone Battery Life

My Android Smartphone’s battery isn’t lasting! This is an extremely common complaint among users. And the reasons are pretty clear and obvious too! The capability and power of our devices have increased manifold in order to live up to the demands we process! And the batteries are having to bear the brunt if it all! We are shuffling the web, interacting on 4 social media sites at the same time, syncing documents and seeking driving directions all at the same time! Naturally, we need our Smartphone batteries to pack in a real punch! You can’t have them docked to charging points several times during the day! And even if you can, it is likely to be extremely inconvenient. Discussed below are some extremely effective power conservation measures one can adopt for keeping your phone alive and kicking for most part of the day.

Follow the Simple Measures to Conserving your Android Smartphone Battery Life:

Minimize Communicative Functions:

Well, you can’t be communicating through all the available channels at one time, right? So, the best thing to do is turn these extra communicative features off, when they are not in use. So, the Wi-Fi or the NFC, the Bluetooth and the major battery drainer, GPS, does not have to be on all the time. Just swipe down from the top end of the screen and tap the right icon which looks like this.

Application tab icon Android

This will bring you to the list of options which can be toggled.

Application tab Android

As can be seen in the image above, the Bluetooth, S Beam, NFC, GPS and Wi-Fi are turned off since they are not required at the moment. Switching on the Wi-Fi mode when you are not in a Wi-Fi enabled zone, hardly makes any sense. You can even consider using your handset on airplane mode for saving on battery life. However, it is important to think through whether you should be using this mode, especially if you do not wish to use your phone at all for the next one hour.

The Power Saving Mode does what it says:

If you have a Samsung Smartphone, the thoughtful makers provide you with a power saving mode! So, why not use it? This feature controls the screen power, the CPU and the “Haptic Feedback” which utilizes the vibrations which signal that specific functions have been used. Select Settings>> My Device Tab.

A list of options opens up.

My device tab android

You need to scroll down to find the power saving mode and then slide your finger over it for setting it on.

Power saving settings

Once this is done, simply tap on the “power saving” button for configuring the available options

power settings configuration android



Your Display needs to be Tuned:

Remember, the lovely screen that opens up every time you operate your phone, consumes lot of power. Therefore, adjusting the display could go a long way in conserving battery life. You could lower the brightness by deactivating the “Automatic Brightness” mode. Go to Settings >> My Device Tab>> Display.

Android display menu brightness

Tap Brightness and this small box opens up.

Android brightness configuration

Uncheck automatic brightness and select your brightness level manually for saving electricity. If you are on a road trip with no charging facility in your card, keeping the brightness level to a minimum will help.

You could also set the timing for screen timeout and choose a level that is comfortable for you. For this you need to go to Settings >> My device Tab >> Accessibility.

android Accessibility settings

Once you access the “Screen Timeout” option you can then choose from the available variants such as 15 seconds, 30 seconds and so on up to 10 minutes! Remember here that the screen should never dim when you still require it! This could cause aggravation. You will need to strike a balance here by weighing all the available facts. Screen rotation should be unchecked.

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 Your Apps need to be tweaked:

If you have an Android phone, your life centers on apps! However, many of these coveted applications that you might have downloaded end up hogging resources big time. Therefore a review of all the apps running on your phone is a must. You can access the settings>> More Tab and then click on “battery”.

android battery settings

android battery consumption

This is an example of the kind of list you can see. Now you can tap each app for more information. You can now stop or disable the apps you do not need for the moment. If you wish to remove apps, you need to go to “Applications Manager”, select the app and “uninstall”.

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These are just some of the simplest measures that do not consume too much time. You just need to a little proactive and  see the results for yourself.

Listen to your Favorite Music on Android Phones

Android Listening to MusicWhen you own an Android based device, your world is all about apps! Be it enjoying the best online shopping experience or savoring your favorite music, there are several apps to choose from. We are fortunate that a magnanimous community of developers is working day and night for developing applications that help better our experiences every time.

 When it Comes to Music

 The manner, in which we listen to music  on the move, continues to change and evolve. Since we carry our smartphone everywhere it has also become one one-stop media player! And the music player apps available from the Google Play Store, keeps bettering the output and provides newest features for improved usage ease. There are quite a few music player apps that have been around for a while. We look at the top 5 carefully selected ones which deliver full throttle or enriching your music on Android experience. Let’s Start!



If you are seeking a music player app that delivers high quality listening experience and is able to sync Android with iTunes quite seamlessly, the DoubleTwist is the app to rely on. It provides for a classic visual interface and works not only as a music player but as a comprehensive music player too! And, the best part is that the app comes for free! In-app purchase options are available for any additional features you would like to avail.



The App, which was also a star favorite, last year, has managed to bring about further improvements in its offerings. Not only does it support the oddest of music formats, it also supports several music enhancements for an enriched output. You have a 10 band equalizer, treble tweaks and a completely separate bass. Besides, mono mixing and replay gain correction are also features that have been included here. More than the casual music listener, it is meant for the power user. You can use it for free for the first couple of weeks, after which you need to buy it.




 If you are fascinated by the design standards of Google, the PlayMusic app put out by Google will not disappoint. You get a superlative interface. The main library is equipped to sort through not only songs and albums but genres as well. And, everything else apart from the music you have personally stored on this device remains hidden. And you can even mix your cloud stored music with the local stuff. What makes the Play Music stand out is that whenever you buy a new song from the Play Store, the app stores the music but does not provide access to it anywhere else.

 The N7 Player


 This one is an extremely popular choice and what makes it a clear winner is its usability and interface. Your library would be automatically built once you start using this app and all the music you might have stored on your SD card or internal storage will be compiled. Apart from the interface, the N7 does have a additional features lie a 10 band equalizer which can be used if you are using Android OS 4.1 or above. You also get support for different types of Audio files, a tag editor with full features, gapless audio playback and much more.



The Fusion music player is for you if you believe that discovering your kind of music will be one of the major components of listening to the music of your choice. The interface provides, is slick and options for customizations are also present. Browsing music on this app provides two additional fun tabs which help you to know which are the current top songs and the available sources for it. There is a radio tab which acts as the frontend for shoutcast radio. Although it does not match up to Pandora, its good to have this feature in the repertoire of options.

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Surely, a lot more is yet to come. However, till it does, there is plenty on the platter for the true blue music lover! Go ahead! Enjoy your music on Android!

6 Apps to take Screenshots on Android

Android’s claim to fame is easily its apps! The amazing repertoire of apps that android Smartphone users are given to enjoy is what has made it so very popular! In fact, you will have several choices for a single theme and you can choose one that provides the best results. So, you actually have 6 different apps to choose from for a landing a top notch screenshot!

An App for a Screenshot? Does it Sound Strange?

Well, the older devices operating on Android 2.3 OS and below weren’t capable of taking screenshots. However, this feature has been added in the newer versions and all phones with Android 4.0 OS and above can now accomplish this task with a combination of keys. Therefore, if your phone alone can capture a screenshot, well and good! However, if you can’t, these marvelous apps always come to your rescue.

How these Apps are Useful:

These apps for snapshots are truly helpful in clicking images of things that may not be images themselves. Confused? Well, let’s look at an example here. Supposing you have received an email that’s really important and you wish to take a back up. But, your email does not have a “save” option! What do you do? Well, if you have one of these apps on your smartphone, you can simply click a screenshot of this email or any kind of document for that matter and display it on your phone. So, it could be an IM chat, a gaming interface that is in-session and so on! Practically, you can produce real time proofs of just about anything with the aid of these helpful tools

1. The Screenshot ER Demo

Well, the best thing about this app is that it is completely free and it allows you to take perfect screenshots on any rooted Android OS device. It’s fancy and user-friendly too! Besides, you can rename images, edit them, rotate them or flip them quite easily. And, what about the downsides? Well, first, it works on a rooted android OS device and therefore the demon version does put up a watermark on the screenshots. So, if you can work with watermarks, the free demo version works fine. However, if you can’t, consider the paid watermark free Pro version.

2. No Root Screenshot It:


So here we have an app that facilitates the snapshot process without having the Android device rooted! So, no rooting and you can still accomplish a screenshot! Lovely! However, here comes the bitter fact! It’s paid! If you aren’t always looking for a paid app, this one is a clear winner. Another fact is that it requires to be run with your phone connected to your computing system. So, you simply cannot use it while you are on the go!

3. Screenshot:



Screenshot is another app that takes screenshots quite easily. As an Android user you can simply touch the shot icon and take a screenshot. He can also use the power button and the volume down button in tandem. The shot can be saved in the desired folder as well and you can actually make minor edits by using the app itself. Here again however, the device needs to be rooted. And, the app is only for Android OS devices that are below 4.0. But, no watermarking! So rejoice!

4. Eversnap:


Clicking screenshots have never been so much fun. Although this app requires your phone to be rooted for taking screenshots, this indeed is a great deal of fun. All you have to do is shake your smartphone for clicking! And, you can even share the screenshot with your friends. However, the app does host a lot of advertisements and the experience could be pretty annoying. Besides, the quality of screenshots is far from good.

5. ScreenShot HD:


If you wish to secure screenshots in full HD, this one is your pick. And here again, there is the fun of shaking your phone for clicking a screenshot. There are no advertisements too. However, the Android device needs to remain rooted for clicking the screenshot.

 6. ScreenShot Ultimate Pro:


This is another one of those paid Pro Apps that allow you to take screenshots from a non rooted device. And the experience is great! You can shake your phone, adjust the capture time and play sounds for taking the screenshot. The quality of your shot is likely to be great too!

With their individual limitations, these screenshot apps for android work quite well. So, if you are stuck with a lower version of the android, these screenshot apps are bound to be of good help. Go ahead and make use of them now.