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iOS 8 vs Android KitKat 4.4

ios8 vs android kitkat 4.4

If there were to be a battle between the various Operating Systems available in the techie market, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS would clearly emerge as victorious. But the highly speculated and debated question is that who emerges as the winner among the two – Android or iOS ? The phone-users of the world can conveniently be divided into two categories – those who use android and those who use iOS. These are the two operating software’s that are dominating the world markets right now. While Android software is used by most of the leading phone makers such as LG, Samsung, HTC etc. , iOS is limited only to Apple and it’s products. This individuality and inimitability of is what makes users fall in love with it right away. This battle has been on since forever.

Competing once again for the top spot in the Operating Software markets, Android and Apple are all set to set woo the world with their latest versions – Android’s KitKat 4.4 and Apple’s iOS 8. On one hand the techno junkies are worshiping KITKAT calling it a work of art and the next big thing in Planet Gadget on the other hand Apple’s widely held iOS 8 has also been tagged as being technologically way ahead of its time and Apple’s very own masterpiece. Apparently making a fair choice between these two is going to be easier said than done. This is definitely a Clash of the Titans ! So how do you judge an OS whether it’s good, bad or path breaking ? What are the decisive factors that make users love it or hate it? How do the Tech Gurus derive conclusions when there’s so much to investigate ? Let’s take a sneak- peak into some of these factors and how each of these operating software’s are responding to them.


User Interface is a very important element (most important, for some), when it comes to the desired attributes a potential buyer or user looks for in any gadget. UI bridges the gap between the user and the features present in a gadget. In fact, a successful interface is so important that in its absence, the user wouldn’t be able to interrelate with their gadget. Make a bad UI and the user won’t be able to access and navigate most of the apps or features present. What is the point of having a phone full of awesome apps which you can’t even get through with ease ? It’s like having chocolate cake right in front of you and not being able to eat it. How bad is that.

When it comes to User Interface, both KitKat and iOS 8 have done some hardcore improvisations in their latest versions. Android has always been recognized for its bright and vibrant display with a generous use of bright colors and hues. Remember Jellybean 4.2 ? But with this one Google has kept it’s interface/display very minimal in colors and highly unobtrusive. Which is good in a way because it’s going to be a refreshing change from the usual gaudy and vivid avatar of Android. Notifications on the top have now been changed to a classy white unlike the colored ones in Jelly bean. Another noticeable amendment is that the top and bottom black margins on the display have been eliminated leading to more room on the desktop for apps or widgets ultimately making the screen look bigger and more polished. Apart from these changes, the interface continues to be routinely and harmonizing with the UI elements of the subsequent versions.

Apple iOS 8 has also not left any stones unturned when it comes to making the necessary changes and giving a tough competition to KitKat. Apple anyway did some major modification and repair-work in it’s previous version iOS 7 so with iOS 8 it maintains almost the same design and visuals. So it looks largely the same as iOS 7 with no new surprising changes or anything. What is new is a number of small features here and there but there are no radical changes in the interface other than the fact that it’s smoother and faster to access. This is because while the outer appearance and the layout remains the same, some subtle yet powerful changes underneath have made this version a much better and modernistic version of iOS 7. But nonetheless there are certain changes like notifications have been made faster and smoother to respond to. For example you can respond and act upon a notification even if you’re in a completely different app. So mark an email as read or unread in the middle of a game or an Whatsapp conversation without having to quit.

CONCLUSION- While Android has done a great job with the sharp Display and the elegant use of colors and layout , Apple’s new InstaRespond feature where you can respond to the notifications from the notification box itself is a great feature to look forward to. Android goes out of its way and does some serious experimentation but Apple plays safe and sticks to the UI of iOS7. So if you’re looking for a change of interface and something new then android is the word but if you don’t like to be surprised and refuse to experiment then go for Apple.


Apple’s App Store undoubtedly rules the market when it comes to the collection of apps. Although both Apple and Android stores have 2 million apps available for download, Apple has been the leader when it comes to the quality and assortment of it’s apps. But then Android is fast catching up by coming up with new and better stuff each day. But it should also be noticed that the number of downloads from the android app store are much more than the iOS store for the simple reason that Android is certainly the most used OS on the planet.

With the new iOS8, Apple has slaughtered the source of revenue of a lot of app developers by in-building most of the features which could only be installed as third-party apps. So basically a lot of features have been introduced with this version which have rendered a lot of apps ineffective. This is a good news as well as a bad one. Good because no need to download third party apps and bad because you’ll have to live with these new changes. For example- The iMessage in iOS8 allows you to send multimedia messages so who needs WhatsApp and Snapchat anymore? (if all your friends happen to be using the iPhone). iCloud has been done so awesomely this time that eliminates the need for Dropbox and forget Skype because of the phone’s ability to make calls over Wi-Fi, without using an app (we could talk about that, eh ? )Also, Apple is keeping up with the recent fitness fad and is focusing more on lifestyle apps such as HomeKit and HealthKit to its suite of APIs. The former permits developers to manage things in your home, from the lighting, to your thermostat, even your fridge if you want it to, while HealthKit enables app makers to merge health monitoring apps and devices to third party apps that you can download. Makes the iOS 8 more desirable , right ?

Android also has developed some really cool apps for the android kitkat version which will make you fall in love with your phone right away. The thing about Android is that almost any app can run on the Android OS and is compatible with it. So when there are so many third party apps available for downloads the possibility of customizing and personalizing your phone are infinitive. The Google Now app this time has been improvised into something more advanced and understanding( LITERALLY). It actually listens to you. Yes it does. You can now jump-start Google Now by simply saying “OK Google”. It’s only available to Nexus 5 for now though. The contextual cards feature also gets an advancement. Google Now cards will try to predict information you need based on your where you are currently, favorite sites or TV programs. So it does understand you well like nobody else. It is definitely your perfect partner.


Moreover , Android 4.4 features a new app-linking feature, which allows Google Search to deep-link search results to applications installed on your phone. So, for example, searching for a restaurant via Google Now can automatically take you to a restaurant reservation app such as OpenTable, ready to make a reservation for that particular restaurant. It’s smart, fast and identifies with you really well. (And no we’re not talking about the perfect boyfriend here).

CONCLUSION- Using iOS 8 is highly recommended if you’re one hell of a lazy person and would choose to save yourself the trouble of downloading third party apps because honestly with so many high-end features, Apple doesn’t really leave much scope or need for downloading external apps. But it’s also true that you’ll have to find your feet with all these changes that you may or may not like.

In contrast to this, Google leaves a lot of its functionality to be carried out by external apps and let’s you feel the thrill of downloading new apps and trying them on your device. You can do so much with your Android device. Though a few new APIs were embedded in KitKat, Google Cloud Print has been integrated into Android, but AirPrint already exists in iOS. So it’s not basically a new act to charm the audience with. There’s an API allowing developers to use the health sensors such as the pedometer, but it isn’t transferable onto all devices, only working if the hardware exists.So if you like downloading apps and if you’re a fan of Android’s ability to let you personalize your phone and do stuff with it, then Android KitKat is your thing because the functionality and appearance is so much more flexible than the iPhone.


Communication is the sun around which the Apple solar system revolves. The in-built communication apps in Apple are always ahead of its time and ultramodern. Didn’t you just love Facetiming and iMessaging? And with iOS8 it only gets better. Updates to iMessage and Facetime mean iOS 8 is already ahead of Android 4.4. The biggest enhancement is the ability to send multimedia messages and voice messages via iMessage. Although it means you’ll still have to use Snapchat or WhatsApp if you’re messaging to a different OS other than iOS, iPhone users are able to communicate without having to pay the usual sms charges. Besides the iMessage is a beauty to work on interface and appearance wise.

Group chat has also been blessed with a lot of new features. Renaming Conversations being one of them just like WhatsApp, and you can control the conversation by adding or removing people if you want. It definitely has made things easier.

Although Apple didn’t say that out loud to the world at the iOS launch event, it’s been rumored that users soon will be able to make phone calls over Wi-Fi, rather than just the contacts. You could do that via skype also but then it’s hoped that Apple will let you do it for free. Facetime will support Call Waiting, that is now you can reject or accept another Facetime call while you’re already on one. It’s like you do on regular voice call. You can switch between the calls, just as you can on a call using your mobile network.

Google has it’s Google Hangouts service to compete with the iMessage service. Kitkat marks the revelation of a lot of new features and additions in the Google Hangouts service in functionality as well as the appearance. The new Hangouts app replaces the old Messaging text app, but it feels a bit congested and it’s hard to comprehend at times. The cluttered interface can be confusing and the app doesn’t integrate SMS and Google Hangout messages from the same contact together, which can complicate matters for new users. It can be replaced with an SMS app of your own choice but for that you have to download a third-party application. But those who are at home with Google Hangouts, for them things just got fancier. Old-handed Android users shouldn’t be complaining at all.

CONCLUSION- If you’re a steadfast user of Android and have loved all the previous versions then you can sit in peace because you won’t have much to complain in this one either. While Android has tried it’s best to deal with the little problems that were present in the older versions, a few newer ones have emerged. But if you’re an Android lover then you can always snub these tribulations. If you’re looking for something better or are bored of using Android devices all the time (It’s in a lot of Devices so chances are pretty high), iOS is a good catch for you. Apple has a good Apple to Apple communique method which makes it all the more exclusive (you may take it as good or bad). It has made some major in-built changes that can not be undone( Apple is not as customizable as Android). So basically each one has some loop holes here and there but they’re also great and ahead of their time no doubt. It’s hard to say which one is better in general because honestly it depends on what you’re looking for in a device. One has a better interface while the other one has better functionality.

ABSOLUTE WINNER – We all are aware of the mass-popularity and the hype surrounding the launch of both of these OS but right now iOS 8 is what has caught our fancy more than the Android KitKat. Apple has played all it’s cards well and have created an OS which may not be perfect but it is definitely a step or two ahead of Android. It has smashed the new Android in terms of interface and features and is riding higher than all its contenders. It is packed with features, redefined and all the past issues sincerely dealt with. It’s worth the price tag and is something you should definitely give a try. So this New Year treat yourself to the ever-luxurious iPhone 6 which has already become the talk of the town and kick start the year with a taste of the APPLE.( pun intended !)

5 Best Free iOS Apps

5 Best Free iOS Apps

The iOS App store offers it’s users one of the biggest and most colorful collection of apps. Any apple user would agree to that even with dead senses. With almost a million wonderful paid and unpaid apps filling the shelves of the iTunes app store,it can be tricky to decide which one is worth the time, money(in case of paid apps) and bytes. Well , it only makes sense that we pay a little extra attention and do enough research before going for a paid one because you’re spending precious moolah on it, but then the unpaid ones too can’t be taken with a pitch of salt as you’re still spending your internet bytes and valuable time trying out the new thing. So if you’re on a serious hunt for some killer apps for your iPhone which you don’t have to pay for, EVER, then here’s a list of some of the coolest free stuff that you just wouldn’t regret downloading. Check the 5 Best Free iOS Apps:


Brewster is apparently the mother of all address books that has very smoothly managed to feature everytime in the top 20 Ios apps thanks to it’s beautiful interface and functionality. What Brewster actually does is that it pulls together all your contacts, email ids and other social network addresses from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Phonebook, Gmail etc. organizing them very properly for you to access. Imagine the number of people you have in the social networking web you’ve been spinning for years ! Facebook friends , twitter followers , Instagram friends , LinkedIn folks and the list is endless. And we haven’t even counted the umpteenth number of email addresses and phone numbers in your phonebook yet. So don’t expect to find that one person’s contact details that you want right away amongst all this chaos unless you’re using an app that fixes this nut. Whether it’s a Twitter follower or some random Facebook friend or an Instagram groupie, just check Brewster and find all your contacts from everywhere neatly stacked and piled up.Brewster

Not just that, it further detangles your social knots by arranging all these contacts into specific lists which allows you to view your contacts by their geographic location, relationship and other info.

The cherry on the cake is that it is very easy and convenient to use no matter how illiterate you are technologically. It is by far the most visually appealing address book apps and once you start using it you’ll realize how much time and effort you’ll save each time you want to look up a contact. So download Brewster today and give a new life to everyday contact management and give yourself the gift of a uncomplicated and time-managing way to always stay connected.

Download Link for Brewster


If you’re a music buff and good music is your escape then Eureka ! Eureka ! We just found you the perfect music app. Pandora radio or just Pandora is a great way to discover and listen to new songs. It takes into account your very own device’s music library to suggest and play songs based on the collection you already have. Loved a song you just heard ? Give it a thumbs up and Pandora will play similar songs and give you recommendations based on the same. Pandora Radio

Also, if you don’t like a song, Pandora makes sure it doesn’t bother you again, with one simple click. So if you’re too lazy to create a playlist or to select your choice of songs, let Pandora do all the work and stream the type of music you’d want to listen. Never thought you could play around with music in such a fun way, eh ? What’s cooler is that you can listen to music as per your mood because It also has a disturbingly wide variety of music in a wider variety of genres. Feeling romantic or feeling blue missing someone special ? Or just want to let your hair down and party hard ? There’s music for every mood and that too loads of it. So go ahead and download Pandora. So go ahead, throw as much tantrums as you want and listen to only what you want to with the ever-awesome Pandora radio.

Download Link for Pandora Radio


This trivia game for iOS hit the one-million-registered-players mark in just 7 mere days from the time it was launched. Do we even need to say more about how great and addictive this game is ? Quiz up is an amazing quiz game where you get to play with players from all over the world in whichever category you wish to play. The best part is that you compete with real people and their knowledge and not some virtual player or a device. From logos and Harry Potter , to philosophy and The Hunger games there’s a category for everyone to play in. So this one app has as much info and trivia in it as a big fat encyclopaedia contains . Just that playing Quiz Up is way more fun than sitting with the Encyclopedia.QuizUp
Quiz up is the perfect game whether you’re just trying to kill some time or are thirsty for knowledge and facts. You can never be too dumb for a game like Quiz Up. The interface is smart and slick, the rounds are lightning fast and the quicker you answer the more you score. So watch that Timer ! There’s much more to the game than just answering questions. It lets you chat up with the player and discuss in between the game. Flaunting your knowledge by answering questions , learning and socializing is all that you can do in a game of Quiz Up. Now we know why It has been ranked as the App Store’s #1 app in almost 10 countries. The game has made The game offers you a number of specialized topics so that you can pick the one topic that interests you the most or which you want to excel at. Ain’t it a really cool way to get some useful trivia into your system ? This amazing Quiz Up community already has more than 1.5 million registered users/players. So become a part of this awesome community today and Quiz Up your brain a bit. But download at your at your own risk because this game is highly ADDICTIVE !


Download Link for Quiz Up

Find My iPhone

The world is so obsessed with its gadgets that no matter where one goes their gadgets follow them like a tail. Well, staying plugged-in 24*7 is the latest trend and everyone seems to be following it. And for that it’s a must to carry not just our Phones but also our laptops and iPads wherever we go. Blame the digitization of the Universe ! And thus we encounter the very common problem of people losing or misplacing their phones and gadgets. It’s only valid to be panic-stricken and to freak out in such a situation because you won’t just lose your device but the innumerable contacts ,photos ,data and other confidential stuff. Find my Iphone is one app that eases your pain of searching for your misplaced device ( iPhone,iPad,or MAC) and helps you speed up to finding process.

Find My iPhone

Whether it fell under a table or you left it with someone else, Find my Iphone can help you locate it with the help of another iOS device. You can not only detect your own device via another ios device, but also locates it on a map, protects your private data, shows a message, plays a sound at full volume (for few minutes) even if your missing iPhone was set to silent, and remotely locks your device. So now no need to panic and freak out everytime you can’t find your phone because its this app to the rescue. Imagine the amount of time and effort you’ll save each time you can’t remember the whereabouts of your phone ! So download this free of cost app today and keep your device safe from getting lost.

Download Link for Find My iPhone


You know the one thing that can beat a fun iOS word-game ? A FREE iOS word-game. The geek inside you sits up straight and attentive at the mention of a supercool word-game available for free, doesn’t it? With a smart conceptualization of territorial control and turn-based wordplay, letterpress is one of the coolest word-games around. It doesn’t fail to charm you immediately by it’s gorgeous interface ,subtle designing and the use of beautiful colors and themes. Letterpress is an absolutely thrilling deal which you’re bound to enjoy if you like cunning word games. Moreover ,You can choose your own combination of colors for the playboard, the color of your tiles and your opponent’s tiles.

Letterpress – Word Game

Each turn not only lets you make new words and score with the given set of tiles, but also lets you target and conquer your opponents’ tiles by sly moves. Sounds thrilling, right? The idea is to conquer as many tiles on the board as you can by using them to make words. Well, You have to be a real smartypants to get a lead in this one! Another good news is that you can start more than one game at a time so you don’t have to keep waiting to get back into action until your fellow player takes his turn. Basically, if you’re bored of the usual word-making and word-searching while the timer ticks, this will be a nice change for you. Take your time and use tiles cleverly while you mark your own territory and take down the opponent’s. Try LETTERPRESS today if you’re looking for some wordplay fan.

Download Link for LetterPress

Never thought having an iPhone could be so much fun, eh ? These were some of the best FREE iOS apps that are ultra necessary for your Apple device whether it’s about enhancing the utility of your device or plain and simple killing of time. And by free we mean absolutely free-of-cost, without any later-on payments or registration gimmicks. With these apps you can make sure that you’re always connected and entertained, never running out of things to do with your iPhone . So now we know what they meant when they said “some of the best things in life are for free”.

Apple watch time, people !


 Behold Apple-maniacs.  Apple`s highly anticipated new toy`s arrival has finally been announced. Time to be superpsyched. Apple barges into the wearables` market with the highly sophisticated smart watch. Yes, Apple`s new creation – you got this right – is The Apple Watch (Nope. Turns out, it`s not called the iWatch). Just like all the other products with the ever-famous half-bitten apple engraved on them, this one`s highly fashionable and ahead of its time (pun intended!). Scheduled to hit the Apple stores in early 2015, the Apple watch is already creating a buzz with the news that it will be released with the next-in-line iPhone 6. The show-stealing Apple Watch is speculated to be competing in the gadget markets along with the Moto 360, the Samsung Gear Live and the G watch. Tough competition, eh?

Apple Watch design


A lot of conjecture has been done and the Apple Watch has been the subject of much innuendo since the time Tim Cook announced about it in September .  Just before the launch, a few diagrams and explanatory pictures erupted on various social networks like Reddit and Twitter, causing speculation about what the Apple watch would look like, the same familiar buzz and speculation that precedes the launch of any Apple product. The Apple Watch is basically everything a watch should be and everything a phone is required to be.  It`s supposed to come in two separate case sizes – 38mm and 42mm and they can be configured as per the hand that you`d want to wear it in. It`s highly “Appelised” just like all other Apple products and is available in three different ranges with six different interchangeable bands. So which one would you like? The Leather Loop, The Milanese Loop, The Classic Buckle or the Modern Buckle.  You could customize the facets according to your own preferences. Additionally, you could also change the colours, modify the designing, and add functions of your choice. Play as much with the settings as you want and personalize to make it your own. When there`s so much to do with the appearance, the number of possible visualizations are infinite. So, how about a different visualization for each mood, eh ?

Apple Watch Band Styles



 The Apple Watch is expected by Tech Gurus to captivate the gadget market with its funky appearance and the pathbreaking interface. With multiple advanced technologies introduced in the Apple Watch and the interface being extensively new, the Apple Watch predictably starts at a steep price – 349$ and launches in early 2015. Who would`ve thought telling the time could be so glamorous. The Apple watch is your sports watch, pedometer and a fancy wrist accessory all rolled into one. If that hasn’t impressed you yet, then the Apple Watch also doubles up as your heart-rate monitor. Not only can you accurately monitor your heart-beat, but also record and send your heart-beat to other people. So apparently the Apple watch is already a winner for serious weight watchers.

Apple Watch Types

Brand Apple has come a long way since the launch of iPhone 1, the first in the series of Apple`s most profitable and popular product, the iPhone. From iPhones, to iMacs and iPads to Macbooks, Apple has disrupted nearly every sphere of computing and played around well with interface aesthetics as well as hardware.  It`s evolving faster than its peers and each product that comes out only gets better and more high-end. The iOS device users must be habituated to the Gyroscope feature and the Accelerometer to measure movement during work-out but the Apple watch is endowed with a very exclusive feature of the customized heart rate sensor. Tim Cook, the Godfather of Apple being a health nut has hopefully done a remarkable job with his new baby which aims at gifting its beloved buyers with great features and a look and feel that’s polished to the extreme. But then the Apple fanclub`s curiosity still remains unsatisfied because there`s so much that is yet to be revealed. There are better features that are yet to be showed-off. The preview has only managed to fuel more speculation and the fandom is feeding on the stories like there is no tomorrow.  You may be enamored by the Apple Watch, or you may find it pointless but there is no ignoring it. Because such is the magic of the half-bitten Apple.

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Image Credits: Apple Watch Design