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How to Enable Notification for Google Document changes?

Google docsGoogle docs are not just limited to the creation and edition of documents, but they have some wonderful features compared to conventional office tools. Although they lack in certain document functionalities but it’s still one of the best online office tool for work collaboration and recording information through forms. Whether you conduct online survey or require collecting information. Google documents is the best free online tool for the job. We recently had openings for the position of content writers, and we used Google docs for screening of right candidate.

Google docs present the response in a spreadsheet updated in real-time, which can be viewed through the drive. But when someone fills the form and a response is recorded, the form creator is not notified of the response. This does not mean that you have a feature lacking in Google docs, feature is available but it need to be activated on your document.


How to enable notification for Google documents?

  1. Go to My Drive and open the file you want to add notification.My Drive and select the document
  2. In the tool bar Go to Tools and select Notification Rules.Google doc tools notification
  3. Set Notification Rules window will popup, and select the set of rules you want to apply.Google docs notification rules

That’s it you have enabled the Notification service for the document. These notification rules help when you have collaborated work.

How to find IP Address on Android Device

Finding your IP address is always useful when it comes to controlling your internet usage. Biggest benefit of knowing ip addresses is in network control, its really useful for various set of people IT professionals, computer programmers, parents to apply parental control over the kids.

On Android devices whether they are smartphones or tablets we can find the IP Address for the network. Depending on the connection type Wi-Fi or 3G/ 4G network, we have two ways to obtain the IP address on Android device.

How to know the IP to Wi-F:

Method 1:

If the Android device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. We can find the IP address in two different ways. The first method states finding through the Settings >> Connection Tab >> Wi-Fi.

A list of all the available and non available Wi-Fi networks will be available. Select the active connected network click on it, window popups displaying the network details including the IP address .In this case Gehlot is the active connection.

Wi-fi ip address
Method 2:

In this method you need to go the advanced features of the Wi-Fi connection. To view IP Address through this method follow the following path Settings >> Connections Tab >> Wi-Fi. This page will show you a list of Wi-Fi connections, Left Click on the button, a window popup. Select Advanced from the Options. A new page page will appear, scroll down to view the IP Address.


wi-fi IP address way 2
This page provides us with additional information like battery status, IMEI , MAC address, serial number of the Android device.

Also See: What is Wi-Fi Direct ?

How to know the IP to mobile 3G / 4G data

Unlike the Wi-Fi Network the 3G / 4G mobile data IP Address is checked through one method only. Open Settings >> More Tab>> About Device >> Status >> your IP Address is available with other important relevant data.

mobile data 3g and 4g ip address in android

We hope this will help you in bringing better network control and Parental controls.

Get maximum free storage out of Dropbox

DropboxDropbox is an ultimate service for storing and sharing your data online and offline. I have been using DropBox since the last year when I bought my Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone. Phone came with a preinstalled Dropbox application. The application has an auto upload camera data feature, which automatically transfers your clicked photos to your Dropbox account. In our previous post we covered how to Use Dropbox Efficiently, and now we will learn how to get maximum free storage out of Dropbox.


Dropbox had collaboration with Samsung which allow an additional storage space to the users once they start using their application. Dropbox has divided the entire free storage per user into a quest; the more quests you complete more will be the reward. You can earn upto 50+ GB data for free on your DropBox Account. Continue reading

Use Dropbox Efficiently

DropboxDropbox is a free service backup service that brings new features every now and then. The Android and iOS apps are very popular on such platforms. If you make use of the Dropbox , there are ways to get the maximum from its latest version.You can download the latest version here.


Get more free space without paying extra for it

Dropbox gives a free space of 2.0 GB to all free accounts. If you require more space, you complete small quests given by dropbox. See all the ways to earn free space by visiting DropBox Get More Space  Continue reading

5 less known features of Google Maps

Google Map is not just about getting the directions and seeing the routes by zooming in, but it offers a number of features to help you do a lot of activities very efficiently. Here are certain tips of Google Maps that will help you get started. This technology obsession is letting Google Maps Tracking your every move.


An asterisk in search box

If you want to see all the information about a given place that is available on Google Maps, for that you need to zoom out or in whichever way it is convenient for you and thereafter type asterisk in the search box. When you press search tab, Google Maps will instantly mark all places which have a red dot on the map. If you know the name of a particular city, street or neighborhood about which you need information, the asterisk trick will be very useful. All that you will need to do is type an asterisk with the name of the particular place. You will instantly have details about the location for which Google has information. Continue reading

Telecom companies homologate on smart mobile banking via SMS

Telecom_CompaniesThere is good news; Indian government has commemorated the mobile companies, to divvy a cantle of their infrastructure, for streamlining the underlying banking services, to the people of India. The biggest advantage here is, all these banking services can be availed, without approaching the internet. It is really good to know, that ten telecom companies have signed conciliation, with NPCI i.e. National Payments Corporation of India, the payment threshold will be look after, by the Indian government itself, which is clearly a wise move, by all means. It will get operated on USSD channels of telecom companies. USSD is basically a normal messaging system, for interacting in texts, which can used for debit and credit card transactions, but here, it will be used for basic banking utilities, for instance it can be used for payment of lower value bills.

Causes responsible for the delay in USSD agreement by telecom companies

sms banking through ussd

Sometimes before telecom companies were not avouching the formation of such infrastructure, because they stated that, there business would affect heavily, if they allow USSD channel to the banking services, but they agreed, after the needed interference of TRAI. Now anyone with a normal mobile can access to the basic banking services.


Banking Services you can access with your normal mobile

Now you do not need to go your bank, and wait for hours regarding your work. Government has come with an acute solution to satisfy your basic banking needs, with the help of your mobile, even without internet. Now you can transfer money, request for cheque book or account statement, and balance details in your saving account or Change in PIN etc. with a text message to your bank, without accessing the internet.

Charges payable for the services

Every message transaction will cost you INR 1.50, which is quite identical to the service by all means. You can save time and energy, by availing this remarkable innovative service, introduced for you.

Utility of the service for people

This is precisely a prudent move by the government for the people. There are numerous people in India who are unable to go to their bank on regular intervals, this USSD service is just like panacea to them for sure. This move also uplifts the level of secrecy during the banking transactions. If we talk about the telecom companies, then initially, they were not pleased at all, because they were offered very low intercommunicate charges. After the intervening of TRAI, rates were raised, to cover the cost of telecom companies. People of India have got a pretty useful basic banking facility, which is approachable even on a normal handset, and without the internet connection. So, enjoy the basic banking services on your phone now, with a nominal charge to pay in return.

Google Maps Tracking your every move

google_mapsGoogle Maps is not just zooming and looking for places, best part of maps is navigation on the move. Google stores all your navigation history every minute while you are on the move. The navigation data remains with Google to provide benefits like improved map searches and tailored commute information. You can disable/pause the location history if you feel a privacy invasion. If we look at a larger picture this data can help you manage your travel history, can help you locate your lost phone and even tracking movement of your loved ones.


Check Google Maps Location History

Google Maps location history can be viewed here. Make sure that your Google account is same that you uses on play store. Continue reading

Google Adsense App for Android and iOS Devices

adsenseWay back in 2011 itself, Google has warned its publishers of not tampering with its ads. It has observed that some web site authors are tweaking ad formats, behavior and targeting. These types of tampering not only violate the Google’s terms and conditions but also can get your account banned.


The free Google Adsense app for Android can let you check your Adsense account from your Android device. You can see further details like URL channels, custom channels, ad units and site reports, and payment alerts. Continue reading