Best Free Android Apps to Backup Your Phone

By | October 15, 2014
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Best Free Android Apps to Backup Your Phone

Ask any phone user out there today as to what is their biggest fear about their phone, you will find a unanimous answer from most of them; losing their data and contacts. Now for that, cloud storage and backups have reduced these issues to a greater extent, but it is still far from done. There is still dependability on third party backup apps to store our data safely so that in any untoward event, the data can be easily recovered. For that purpose, we here are bringing you the best free Android Apps which you can use to back up your phone data.

  1. Helium – App Sync and Backup:

This was one of the first apps to come with a plethora of backup features and hit the sweet spot with the users instantaneously. It finally gave users the freedom and ability to store the non-protected apps directly to your internal storage or SD card. But leaving that aspect out, the app still backs up all the app data so that even if you have to download the app again, this will make sure your progress or else the data is safe. Also this reduces the size of the backup as well. Apart from this, the usual SMS, Wi-Fi information, etc. can also be backed up using this app.

Download Helium – App Sync and Backup from here

Helium Screenshot

  1. Ultimate Backup:

As the name suggests, this is an all it can do app, but only for its Pro version which costs greens. As for the free version, it has all the great features like App Data backup, SMS, contacts, etc. the best use of this app for the rooted device users as they can even get the Nandroid backup for their device just in case, so it is really helpful there. Also it is pretty aesthetically pleasing too. The UI is tweakable, fresh and something you will enjoy playing around with.

Download Ultimate Backup from here

Ultimate Backup lite Screenshot

  1. Titanium Backup * Root:

This app has been around since quite some time now, but it is definitely not the one who is just looking to fool around with their devices. This app is for the seasoned android users who root their devices and modify them to their liking. So all the unrooted devices out there, this app is absolutely not for you. Plus this is possibly one of the ugliest looking apps out there though more than functional guess that is why it is, to ward of unwanted public.


Download Titanium Backup from here

Titanium Backup Screenshot

  1. Super Backup:

Super backup is actually a great free app. It allows for backing up of data directly on the cloud or to your SD card. The only downside if this app is that it does not have support for other cloud storage options other than Gmail that is a bummer. So importing of the backup will have to done using a PC companion. The best feature that makes this app stand out is the automatic backup and backup scheduling feature.

Download Super Backup from here

Super Backup Screenshot

  1. Avast Mobile Backup and Restore:

Avast has a lot of security apps in store for us, and they have also brought out a backup app now. This is a great app as it allows us to back up all that we want from apps, app data, sms, call logs, etc. the app data though is only for the premium users running root devices, not otherwise.

Download Avast Mobile Backup and Restore from here

Avast Mobile Backup and Restore Screenshot

So this is our list of the best free backup apps available as of yet from the thousands more out there. Let us know if you are using some other backup app and your experiences by commenting down below and stay tuned to devilshouts for more in the field in technology.

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