Capturing Screenshots on your Phone

By | September 17, 2014
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You know that they say, screenshots are the new evidences of today. If you can’t show it, then it didn’t happen. So what can do you to prove that it did happen? Simple, take a screenshot and share it around. Today we see many people taking screenshots and sharing them on various social networks and also on messenger apps. It has developed into a new faster way of communication. People these days can directly share any data via screenshots and something that cannot be sent or is protected from downloading can be clicked and then sent using the screenshot feature.

Now many people have different kind of phones and models using various designs, OS, functions, etc. and so it happens that the method to capture screenshots vary. So for that purpose, we have brought to you a compilation of the methods to click screenshots on various devices.

Screen Capture on iPhone:

Apple’s iPhone is the only device out there using iOS, Apple’s own operating system and hence all the phone being the same, it has a constant method to take screenshots across their entire range of products out there. The method of that is as follows:



Come on the screen of which you want to capture the screenshot. This step is constant across all devices and OS’s. After that hold the home and the sleep buttons of the device and press them both together. You should technically hear a camera sound and a flash on your device’s screen and the image will be saved in your image gallery.

Screen Capture on Windows Phone:

Microsoft’s windows phone OS though available on various devices across some number of OEMs, their method to capture a screenshot is constant for a reason that Microsoft does not allow any amount of customization on their devices.



To capture a screenshot on devices running Windows Phone 8 upto GDR3 Lumia Black, you need to hold the sleep/power button and the home/start button together at the same time and the screenshot will be captured and stored in the separate album labelled “screenshots”. For other devices running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan update and ahead, the method needs to press the power/sleep button with the volume down button for capturing a screenshot.

Screen Capture on Android:

Android devices are available on well, almost across all OEM units and they also allow for various customizations in their OS according to the OEM. For this reason, the method of capturing screenshots across android devices varies. Visit our forum to see how screenshots are clicked on various brand of handsets.

Devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and further, the screenshot can be captured very easily by simple pressing the power/sleep and the volume down button together. This generally works on across all the new devices including Samsung, Sony, Nexus, Micromax, etc


Devices running Android Honeycomb and above need to be used the home button as well in combination with the other two, so that is just one difference. This is applicable for certain budget and older android devices from Sony, Samsung, HTC, etc. For rest of the other devices, there is either no option to capture screenshots, or else need a specific app to facilitate the function.

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So by this way you can capture screenshots on your devices and share it with friends all over the various methods, because if there isn’t no proof, it did not happen.

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