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How to Enable Notification for Google Document changes?

Google docs are not just limited to the creation and edition of documents, but they have some wonderful features compared to conventional office tools. Although they lack in certain document functionalities but it’s still one of the best online office tool for work collaboration and recording information through forms. Whether you conduct online survey or… Read More »

5 less known features of Google Maps

Google Map is not just about getting the directions and seeing the routes by zooming in, but it offers a number of features to help you do a lot of activities very efficiently. Here are certain tips of Google Maps that will help you get started. This technology obsession is letting Google Maps Tracking your… Read More »

Google Maps Tracking your every move

Google Maps is not just zooming and looking for places, best part of maps is navigation on the move. Google stores all your navigation history every minute while you are on the move. The navigation data remains with Google to provide benefits like improved map searches and tailored commute information. You can disable/pause the location… Read More »