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Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Believe it or not, Facebook is cracking down big time on click baiters! According to an official statement issued by product specialist professional Joyce Tang and research scientist Khalid El Arini, Facebook will no longer be privy to articles that have a click bait headline. Now what exactly is the fuss about? Let’s first understand… Read More »

Social Media now Dictates Terms in Court

The manner in which social media is influencing the lives of the modern day youth is not only specific but significant. These platforms are being extensively used for constructive purposes such as mobilizing social causes, showcasing opportunities and headhunting. Naturally, youngsters are making more than a casual effort to manage their online identities really well.… Read More »

Cyberbullying – Essential Facts to Know

Social networking has its biggest fans in young netizens. They remain glued to these highly interactive sites, communicating and sharing every kind of information, personal and otherwise, without much inhibition. However, it is this carefree and casual approach that is proving to be the harbinger of insidious dangers like cyberbullying! Even before they actually know… Read More »