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Get the best out of Dropbox in Ubuntu

Dropbox is basically a file hosting service that offers cloud storage facilities to users, which includes file synchronization, personal cloud and many more. It also allows user to synchronize specific folders on different computers, which appear to be same once synchronized by Dropbox, and it’s contents can be accessed anywhere through mobile and web applications.… Read More »

Customize GRUB2 in Ubuntu

GNU GRUB is a bootloader, capable of loading various operating systems when the system starts up. GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader. It is the successor to LILO (LInux LOader), the original bootloader for Linux-based proprietary Operating Systems. GRUB has the following advantages over LILO: GRUB support unlimited no of boot selections, while LILO supports… Read More »

How to make Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive?

With exponentially decreasing cost of memory cards and Flash drives, it has become a common practice today to simply format a computer by means using a bootable Flash drive. After all, some of the laptops these days don’t even  have a CD drive available. Nonetheless, this tutorial gives a brief idea of how to make a bootable… Read More »

Top priority things after installing Ubuntu

With the growing popularity of Ubuntu and it’s incredibly easy to use interface, more and more users are giving it a try as a secondary OS. But the problems really occurs when they have finished installing and don’t know exactly what to do after it. There are indeed certain things which must be done after… Read More »