Change StartUp Animation on Android Devices

By | August 16, 2014
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AndroidAre you bored with the monotonous boot up animation on your Android phone? Changing some personalization schemes on your smart-phone with new hacks and pranks makes your co-workers to freak. A change in the way of boot-up animation is definitely going to change the mood of your friends and give them a little freak.

Coming to Android OS, it is considered one of the best OS for mobile. Everyday many of the mobile users are joining this user-friendly environment and some of them are even exploring the fullest potential of this operating system.

Did you ever try to change the Boot Animation of your Android Mobile? Transforming the start-up animations in Windows is not that difficult, while it’s a little of headache in Android. So if you want to cheat Android and change its boot animation then there are 2 techniques for you. Let’s go deep inside on how to complete this procedure.

Tailor-make the Android Boot-Animation

The two methods that will be mentioned here are not that difficult. But one is extremely easy while the other is little tiresome. The first method consists of utilizing a simple application for which you need root access to your Android mobile. You can check out our “how to root your android device” for full tutorial on gaining root access.

The second procedure is little bit tricky as it includes transferring boot animation file using File Manager and changing some parameters to get the animation working and live on your device. Let’s see both the methods.


A) Change Android Boot Animation using App

We are going to use a free app that makes the customization action a lot easier.

  1. Download a nice boot animation scheme for your android mobile.
  2. You can either download it from or have a look at the forum for Android developers.
  3. Install a free app called “Boot Animations” which is available free in the Google play store. But the only constraint is that you need to have root access.
  4. After successfully downloading the boot animation app and installing it, open the app and start Backup/Restore.
  5. Now simple backup the original bootup animation for secure purposes, in-case something goes awry during the changing process.
  6. Now just transfer the boot animation you just downloaded from the above site and be sure to re-name it as “”.
  7. The steps are almost complete.
  8. Just locate this file from the free app you downloaded earlier and choose Install.

Just reboot your phone and your new boot animation will be spectacular.

B) Manual Method of Changing Boot Animation

This should be only done if the above methodology fails.

  1. Just download the theme of your boot animation from the same site as earlier or from the developer’s forum.
  2. Now install the Free File Manager application.
  3. Search for Xplore or something other which works best for you.
  4. Navigate to /system/media and search for original file.
  5. Now rename the file other than the original name.
  6. Now you need to copy the new boot animation theme to /system/media and then make sure the file name is appropriately renamed to
  7. Now press and hold the file and changes its permissions.
  8. You need to provide read & write privileges to owner and read only to group and others.
  9. Simply press OK after that.
  10. Reboot your phone and restart for the transformed boot animation to work.

This post really helps users intending to customize their boot animations on their Android devices from the best theme makers and hackers.

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