10 important keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7

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10 important keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7

Unread postby saurabhg » Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:44 pm


When you do any work in your computer, there comes the need of keyboard shortcuts. It comes mainly in use when you are typing any document or transferring files. The mainly used keyboard shortcuts are cut, copy, paste etc. These shortcuts can also be accessed through mouse by right- clicking on the option. But, you can save time by using the keyboard shortcuts given below.

1. Cut, copy ,paste

The most common shortcut used in Windows is cut, copy and paste. It is mainly used for text editing, but can be used for other purposes too. These options can be accessed using mouse by right clicking on the application, media file or the selected text. But, you can access the same option easily using keyboard. In order to copy any text- press CTRL + C, cut the content- press CTRL + X, paste the content- press CTRL + V. These shortcuts save much of your time.

2. Switch between running applications

You can easily switch between running applications or tabs using ALT + TAB. So, if you have two different applications running on your computer, you can easily switch between them. If want to switch between more than two applications, press the ALT button and press the TAB button continuously to easily navigate through it.

3. Opening a new tab in browser

There are many browser shortcuts available, but this is the most important one. If you want to open a new tab without taking the help of mouse, then simply press CTRL + T. If you want to go back in the browser, then hold CTRL and press left or right arrow keys.

4. Lock your computer

If you are done with using your computer, then you can easily lock your computer. Press Windows Key + L to lock down the computer. The person who knows the password can only open the computer. You can lock your screen using Start menu, or using the start screen.

5. Open the task manager

Windows task manager is a tool that controls programs, disk, CPU and other processes. CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys are used to access the Windows Task Manager. You can also access it using CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. We normally use task manager when our screen becomes unresponsive, so using it can end the application which was causing the problem.

6. Print

Going to the file option and then searching print can take a lot of time. You can save this time by just pressing CTRL + P. This will be faster than searching for the print option in each and every program you work.

7. Move directly to desktop

While you try to move to desktop, you start to minimize all the application windows that are opened. There is a shortcut by which you can directly move to the desktop. Press Windows + D to move directly to the desktop.

8. Close tabs and Windows

If you want to close the current application or Window, you can do it by pressing ALT + F4. This command closes the current Window, and if you use it continuously, you will move to the desktop.

9. Delete permanently

If you delete any item, it moves to the recycle bin, means you can recover the item. So, the item you deleted still consumes the memory. If you want to delete an item, then just select the item and press SHIFT + DELETE. It will remove the item permanently from your memory.

10. Add Bookmark

Create a shortcut of your browser by bookmarking the website with this simple trick:- CTRL + D


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