Get Rid of Driver Bloatware - Faster Windows Start Up

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Get Rid of Driver Bloatware - Faster Windows Start Up

Unread postby saurabhg » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:57 pm


When you install a brand new graphics card, sound card or perhaps a mouse on your laptop, Windows is sometimes ready to build it work by applying a generic driver from its inventory. If you wish the most recent driver, though, you would like to either use the disc that comes with the device or transfer a driver direct from the manufacturer.

When you apply a driver from either one in every of these sources, it always comes with a decent little bit of bloatware - management panels, startup applications then on. a lot of typically than not, the options offered in these applications square measure mere fluff. they have a tendency to feature to your startup time, too. you may have a far better user expertise if you may merely get the driving force and jump over the bloatware. Here's however you are doing it.

Look for minimal driver packages

Many device makers provide a minimal driver package transfer possibility on their driver transfer page. {the possibility|the choice} typically seems as a driver-only option aboard of alternative full-featured choices. sadly, not each manufacturer is thoughtful enough to supply such bloat-free choices.

The installer might give you associate degree opt-out

While software system installers -- for Microsoft workplace and alternative such applications -- perpetually provide a Custom Install feature that helps you to decide and opt for precisely what elements to put in, driver package installers typically leave the Custom button out. once they do provide them, you'll be able to simply uncheck the boxes for the bloatware.

If worse involves worst, you'll be able to extract the drivers by yourself

If the manufacturer of your device solely provides full driver software system packages and does not offer a custom installation possibility, you've got how to require things into your own hands. To begin, you would like to transfer the complete driver package. Once you've got the package, you'll be able to use 7-Zip or another file extraction tool to seem into the contents folder and find the driving force file.

Once you've got the file, you would like to travel to Device Manager in Windows, right-click on the device that you just want to put in drivers for and click on on Update driver software system . Once the Update driver window opens, you'll be able to direct the software system to the situation wherever you've got the downloaded driver.

Alternatively, you'll be able to install the bloatware and disable it later

The problem with bloatware is not the house that it takes up; rather, it is the drag it's on your startup times. If you do not need to induce your hands dirty extracting drivers and putting in them, you mostly have the choice to put in the full package because it comes, however to then disable all its startup applications. In Windows eight, you get to disable startup programs below the Startup tab in Task Manager.


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