Should you use the Inbuilt NTFS file compression System in windows

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Should you use the Inbuilt NTFS file compression System in windows

Unread postby saurabhg » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:46 pm


Information storage in all the version of windows since 3.1 in 1993 is done in NTFS format. This format not only provides the better security but also show its convenience over the system which it replaces, it provides a convenient feature for space saving. Inbuilt file compression is available in NTFS.Using NTFS file compression, you can save file on the disk space and avail a quicker access to it without doing file expansion.

The downside to using NTFS files compression

NTFS file compression needs an efficient CPU power to offer a seamless experience while providingyou on-the-fly expansion for accessing your files. You may experience a slowdown in work if the CPU is not well efficient. There are less changes of a slowdown with the modern CPUs—they came with ample of power to spare daily task. The load on the CPU is not high as NTFS file compression system doesn’t have aggressive compression algorithm.

When to use NTFS file compression?

NTFS compressions are best to use for those files that you don’t access regularly. File compression can act as a space saver if you are having a big archive for file which you just need once a month.

Not all file compresses are good. For example, it’s hard to compress the video file in a significant manner. On the other hand impressive reductions are available for reducing text files size.

NTFS compression will work really well with a powerful CPU and is not regularly used to capacity. You may experience slowdown in case you have thrown your file compression at your CPU which usually needs to hit 80% or above during the daily routine. To choose servers that require dozens of request each minute, having an access to many compressed file will be like a visible strain on the CPU

How to get NTFS file compression?

NTFS file compression is inbuilt into the windows.Its available on every relevant content menu. In order to run this, you have to right click on respective file and folder. Now select the properties option. Click on the advanced button present on the General tab. An Advance Attribute dialog box will pop up on screen. Check Compress content to save disk space box and choose Apply change to folder; subfolder and files present in dialog box. You can access the file having NTFS compression by looking at names printed in blue format.


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