IFTTT to Save Call logs of SmartPhones

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IFTTT to Save Call logs of SmartPhones

Unread postby saurabhg » Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:51 pm


Most of the android users have this wrath that the save call logs of smart phones only exist for 30 days, all the rest call details of before this time span get deleted automatically . If you are a regular text user then you have surely faced the mess in your inbox. Now if you want a method that can keep an automatic back up of all these for you. Then this post will surely help you to get out of this problem.

Some of you may prefer the titanium backup and other similar applications available for this task. For these applications you have to pay and they are available for the rooted android devices only.Unlike IFTTT,they will not provide you searchable spreadsheet.
What you require:

• Install IFTTT on your android device.
• Make a Google account

This is how IFTTT looks when it gets installed:

Here are the steps for setting automatic backup for your SMS’s and logs as spreadsheets in Google Drive:

How to set up backup for phone logs?

Allow the application to run for creating new “recipe”
For setting the backup for all kinds of call logs, three different recipes are required:
• Received calls
• Missed calls
• Dialed calls

1. Firstly choose the channel for “IF” (Tap the + button infront of IF). In the appeared list, select the “android phone call” and press the + sign in blue color present next to “ any phone call placed”
2. Now, choose the channel for “then”. Scroll and select the “Google drive”. Again press the + button in blue present next to “add row to spreadsheet”.
3. Select whether you want the notifications or not when the recipe is running. Click on finish.

Now its done. After completing this, every phone call made on your device will automatically get saved in spreadsheet file of your Google drive when the internet is connected or will work the same when it will get connected.

In the similar way, you can make recipe for missed and received calls, by selecting it in the initial step.

How to get backup for text messages:

The process is quite same to that of phone logs. But the difference is that you have to choose “Android SMS” as the channel for “IF” in the initial step.
Note: although this application does not covers the older messages received by you, but you can download and install “sms backup & restore” available in play store and utilize it.
In this way, you can create your backup plan to store the SMS and logs in the spreadsheet for all time (until you want to delete them). Acknowledge us with your experience and other alternatives in comments.



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