Connect your Android phone to Computer via AirDroid

By | September 22, 2014
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AirDroid is a free and fast android app for your smartphone which allows user to connect his Android device to computer running on any of the popular platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac or Chrome OS, After installing AirDroid user can manage files on his Android device, transfer files from phone to computer and vice-versa, play, manage music & videos on Android and transfer them between Android and computer, View the real time screen of Android devices, take static screenshots(root required), View and edit all the contacts, send and receive individual or group messages and create drafts etc. It also doesn’t require any driver installation as it runs purely on Web Browser and supports all of the leading browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Apple Safari, Opera Browser etc.

AirDroid uses WiFi capability to establish connection between Computer and Android device and both are required either to be paired by a WiFi hotspot or must be connected to same network. If any of the device doesn’t support WiFi then connection can also be established via USB cable.

How to use AirDroid:

  1. Install Airdroid on your Android smartphone.
  2. Connect your computer and phone to same network.
  3. Now launch AirDroid application on your smartphone
  4. Type the prompted IP address in your browser’s address bar.Screenshot_2014-09-21-15-15-51
  5. Accept the access request on your device.air


Now your device has been connected. Now you can send files and folders from your computer to your device on lightening fast speeds.

Upload Files through AirDroid to your Android Device:

  1. Click on File to upload files to your device and choose folder or file icon to upload file or folder respectively.Air 2 - Copy (2)
  2. Choose the file or folder from your drive and click OK.

Install Apps through Airdroid:

You can also install Apk files directly from  your web browser.

  1. Click on App iconAir 2 - Copy
  2. Select apk from specific location and click OK, the application will be installed on your device.

 Access Android Camera Remotely:

To Access camera click on the camera icon in AirDroid and then you will be able to control your smartphone’s camera from your web browser.



Access Uploaded data on Airdroid:

To access and upload photos and videos on the device click on the Photos and Videos icon  respectively.


Create Message on Airdroid:

To access your Inbox, send and create drafts click on message icon.


Music, Contacts and Call logs can also be accessed in similar way as above applications. Enjoy!!!

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