Conserving your Android Smartphone Battery Life

By | September 19, 2014
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My Android Smartphone’s battery isn’t lasting! This is an extremely common complaint among users. And the reasons are pretty clear and obvious too! The capability and power of our devices have increased manifold in order to live up to the demands we process! And the batteries are having to bear the brunt if it all! We are shuffling the web, interacting on 4 social media sites at the same time, syncing documents and seeking driving directions all at the same time! Naturally, we need our Smartphone batteries to pack in a real punch! You can’t have them docked to charging points several times during the day! And even if you can, it is likely to be extremely inconvenient. Discussed below are some extremely effective power conservation measures one can adopt for keeping your phone alive and kicking for most part of the day.

Follow the Simple Measures to Conserving your Android Smartphone Battery Life:

Minimize Communicative Functions:

Well, you can’t be communicating through all the available channels at one time, right? So, the best thing to do is turn these extra communicative features off, when they are not in use. So, the Wi-Fi or the NFC, the Bluetooth and the major battery drainer, GPS, does not have to be on all the time. Just swipe down from the top end of the screen and tap the right icon which looks like this.

Application tab icon Android

This will bring you to the list of options which can be toggled.

Application tab Android

As can be seen in the image above, the Bluetooth, S Beam, NFC, GPS and Wi-Fi are turned off since they are not required at the moment. Switching on the Wi-Fi mode when you are not in a Wi-Fi enabled zone, hardly makes any sense. You can even consider using your handset on airplane mode for saving on battery life. However, it is important to think through whether you should be using this mode, especially if you do not wish to use your phone at all for the next one hour.

The Power Saving Mode does what it says:

If you have a Samsung Smartphone, the thoughtful makers provide you with a power saving mode! So, why not use it? This feature controls the screen power, the CPU and the “Haptic Feedback” which utilizes the vibrations which signal that specific functions have been used. Select Settings>> My Device Tab.

A list of options opens up.

My device tab android

You need to scroll down to find the power saving mode and then slide your finger over it for setting it on.

Power saving settings

Once this is done, simply tap on the “power saving” button for configuring the available options

power settings configuration android



Your Display needs to be Tuned:

Remember, the lovely screen that opens up every time you operate your phone, consumes lot of power. Therefore, adjusting the display could go a long way in conserving battery life. You could lower the brightness by deactivating the “Automatic Brightness” mode. Go to Settings >> My Device Tab>> Display.

Android display menu brightness

Tap Brightness and this small box opens up.

Android brightness configuration

Uncheck automatic brightness and select your brightness level manually for saving electricity. If you are on a road trip with no charging facility in your card, keeping the brightness level to a minimum will help.

You could also set the timing for screen timeout and choose a level that is comfortable for you. For this you need to go to Settings >> My device Tab >> Accessibility.

android Accessibility settings

Once you access the “Screen Timeout” option you can then choose from the available variants such as 15 seconds, 30 seconds and so on up to 10 minutes! Remember here that the screen should never dim when you still require it! This could cause aggravation. You will need to strike a balance here by weighing all the available facts. Screen rotation should be unchecked.

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 Your Apps need to be tweaked:

If you have an Android phone, your life centers on apps! However, many of these coveted applications that you might have downloaded end up hogging resources big time. Therefore a review of all the apps running on your phone is a must. You can access the settings>> More Tab and then click on “battery”.

android battery settings

android battery consumption

This is an example of the kind of list you can see. Now you can tap each app for more information. You can now stop or disable the apps you do not need for the moment. If you wish to remove apps, you need to go to “Applications Manager”, select the app and “uninstall”.

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These are just some of the simplest measures that do not consume too much time. You just need to a little proactive and  see the results for yourself.

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