How to Enable Notification for Google Document changes?

By | September 21, 2014
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Google docsGoogle docs are not just limited to the creation and edition of documents, but they have some wonderful features compared to conventional office tools. Although they lack in certain document functionalities but it’s still one of the best online office tool for work collaboration and recording information through forms. Whether you conduct online survey or require collecting information. Google documents is the best free online tool for the job. We recently had openings for the position of content writers, and we used Google docs for screening of right candidate.

Google docs present the response in a spreadsheet updated in real-time, which can be viewed through the drive. But when someone fills the form and a response is recorded, the form creator is not notified of the response. This does not mean that you have a feature lacking in Google docs, feature is available but it need to be activated on your document.


How to enable notification for Google documents?

  1. Go to My Drive and open the file you want to add notification.My Drive and select the document
  2. In the tool bar Go to Tools and select Notification Rules.Google doc tools notification
  3. Set Notification Rules window will popup, and select the set of rules you want to apply.Google docs notification rules

That’s it you have enabled the Notification service for the document. These notification rules help when you have collaborated work.

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