Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

By | October 15, 2014
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Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Believe it or not, Facebook is cracking down big time on click baiters! According to an official statement issued by product specialist professional Joyce Tang and research scientist Khalid El Arini, Facebook will no longer be privy to articles that have a click bait headline.

Now what exactly is the fuss about?

Let’s first understand what click-bait articles are! Well, they are the ones that have headlines that provide no information about the article to be viewed in the link posted. Instead, they simply attempt to instigate the viewer to click more for picking up more pieces of information. A typical example of a click bait message headline could be-“you will never be able to guess which two Hollywood actresses fought openly at the awards night yesterday! What do you think happened after that? Read here to know – (and the link will be pasted). Here, the title says precious little about the content that is to follow! It barely entices the reader to “click” on the link. So, what it is offering person is a “click-bait”. And these are the ones the brand new Facebook algorithm plans to crack down on!

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What made Facebook Sit Up and Take Note?

The social media giant conducted an online survey with respect to the type of content that is preferred by readers in “News Feed”. Results revealed that in about 80% cases, people confessed that they indeed preferred headlines that provided some idea of what the link is about. They wished to decide beforehand whether the articles on the link are of any use or interest to them or not. They wouldn’t prefer to waste time on an article that is hardly of any use to them! According to Facebook, these headlines which are simply dishing out baits for clicking could be drowning out relevant content from friends and associates as well as from pages that people would be more interested about. And this is the very reason why it has planned to change its algorithm.

So, what is the New Rule?

Facebook has made an announcement that the links should now be posted in link form alone and not in the form of photo captions. Photos that have links given in the captions will not be given priority in News Feeds.

Primarily, Facebook has become highly sensitive about its traffic diversion. It does not want its users to be tricked into visiting links they might not be interest to them. This brand new Facebook algorithm is bound to be good news for Facebook users. They will now have a fair idea of what these links contain before clicking on them impulsively and ending up wasting time.

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