Facebook Changes User Privacy Settings Yet Again, Or Have They?

By | September 16, 2014
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Facebook is back to its own again changing more privacy policies and features for their users. So if you happened to log in to Facebook from your desktop or laptop today, then you must have encountered a small blue Dino on the top right corner pop-up on your news feed giving you an update about some changes Facebook made to its privacy options to give users more control over their updates as to who gets to see what and who has to be banned. Facebook Changes User Privacy Settings, so lets see what changes did they make? Well, it is nothing major, just some miner tinkering here and there. But hey! It all counts right?

  1. Privacy update for posting new Status:

When you post any new status, you get a privacy option at the bottom of the textbox to set with whom you want to share the post. We already had that since the past 3 years now already and we really have no idea what “change” has Facebook done to it, but some tinkering did show that now you can post status and make that status either Public or only for Friends. The option of Friends of friends has vanished. You can also ban selective people from seeing your posts; a good option for kids to keep things from their parents we say. Also Facebook remembers your previous option and keeps it as default until you change it again.

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Facebook Privacy Checkup for posts

  1. Privacy update for Apps Data:

Facebook keeps the data for the all the apps we use on Facebook in their Apps Center section in settings. From there you could access all the apps and also remove them if you do not use it anymore. But now Facebook has given an added functionality that the apps’ privacy setting can also be individually changed as to which people can have access to it. This is a good update we say because it so happens, many of our friends play games and so our entire news feed gets filled with game requests and updates. So now you can simply ask you friend to put you in the rejection list and the job is done. Guess those harsh status over candy crush did not go to unheard after all.


facebook privacy checkup apps

  1. Personal Information protector:

It is really not that, but I like to call it that way. Facebook keeps a record of all our email ids, cell numbers when we access Facebook through phone, etc. All this information is accessible to users. Earlier there was an option to hide those details but that would hide just everything making your account seem blank and hence making you harder to find. But now with this option you can select privacy option for every entity individually which means you can make sure your DOB and email ID is visible at the bare minimum for example. Also you can make sure stalkers and creeps do not end up with your cell number under any circumstance. This I like.

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facebook privacy checkup for profile

So here are the 3 changes Facebook made to the privacy settings. It is not huge, but it is something and though a bit tedious, but will make sure our online life is much safer now.

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