How to find IP Address on Android Device

By | September 20, 2014
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Finding your IP address is always useful when it comes to controlling your internet usage. Biggest benefit of knowing ip addresses is in network control, its really useful for various set of people IT professionals, computer programmers, parents to apply parental control over the kids.

On Android devices whether they are smartphones or tablets we can find the IP Address for the network. Depending on the connection type Wi-Fi or 3G/ 4G network, we have two ways to obtain the IP address on Android device.

How to know the IP to Wi-F:

Method 1:

If the Android device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. We can find the IP address in two different ways. The first method states finding through the Settings >> Connection Tab >> Wi-Fi.

A list of all the available and non available Wi-Fi networks will be available. Select the active connected network click on it, window popups displaying the network details including the IP address .In this case Gehlot is the active connection.

Wi-fi ip address
Method 2:

In this method you need to go the advanced features of the Wi-Fi connection. To view IP Address through this method follow the following path Settings >> Connections Tab >> Wi-Fi. This page will show you a list of Wi-Fi connections, Left Click on the button, a window popup. Select Advanced from the Options. A new page page will appear, scroll down to view the IP Address.


wi-fi IP address way 2
This page provides us with additional information like battery status, IMEI , MAC address, serial number of the Android device.

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How to know the IP to mobile 3G / 4G data

Unlike the Wi-Fi Network the 3G / 4G mobile data IP Address is checked through one method only. Open Settings >> More Tab>> About Device >> Status >> your IP Address is available with other important relevant data.

mobile data 3g and 4g ip address in android

We hope this will help you in bringing better network control and Parental controls.

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