Fixing the 403 Error on Dropbox

By | September 13, 2014
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When we talk of cloud storage providers, the name that surfaces above all others is “Dropbox”. Offering ample storage space, this storage service provider has managed to win the trust of numerous companies and individuals across the world. However, as it appears, Dropbox does have functional issues with a majority of browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome to name a few. And the most common error that is giving users sleepless nights is the 403 error on Dropbox which pops up immediately after you log in. It does not allow you to access their stuff and manage your files. And if this is not frustrating enough, the forbidden error does not allow you to log in again, even after you have verified your log in details. Every time you wish to gain access the error which this godforsaken sign.

dropbox 403 error image

Although this error on Dropbox is more and more common on Windows 7 and 8 and on mobile phones and windows phone in general, the problem could also occur with your Mac or any other operating system for that matter.

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 So what is the cause?

The settings of the browser cookies cause the problem here. Sometimes the settings of the Dropbox could also be responsible. For fixing the problem you would simply need to delete the Dropbox cookies from your own browser and you will be able to access your account again. This would work for you in most cases. And the process is much simpler than you might have actually thought.

Dealing with the Problem on your Google Chrome Browser

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser, just click on Options menu located at the top right corner of the browser page. Now select settings.
    Google Chrome Settings
  • This will bring you to the settings page and you will now need to scroll down right to the bottom of the page and click on advanced settings.
    Google Chrome advanced settings
  • Proceed by clicking on the content settings from the privacy settings.
    Google Chrome content settings
  • A pop up window will open with several options and a complete list of settings. You need to click on the tab which says all cookies and site data.
    all cookies and site data
  • Now search for the word “Dropbox” in your search box which appears at the top of this pop up and delete all registered entries including the word “dropbox”. Now save these windows for applying the changes.
    dropbox clear cache data in chrome

That’s it! You’re sorted! Now visit your Dropbox page and you will now be able to log in once more. It is nothing but a cookie related problem and you can simply clear your browser data for sorting it out. Just repeat the same process every time you get an error. Remember, just because you have cleared the cookies once does not mean that your future problems would be taken care of. You would need to repeat it every time the problem appears and reappears.

So, next time there is a 403, don’t fret! Swing into damage control mode immediately!

Image credits: Flickr

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