Get maximum free storage out of Dropbox

By | September 10, 2014
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DropboxDropbox is an ultimate service for storing and sharing your data online and offline. I have been using DropBox since the last year when I bought my Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone. Phone came with a preinstalled Dropbox application. The application has an auto upload camera data feature, which automatically transfers your clicked photos to your Dropbox account. In our previous post we covered how to Use Dropbox Efficiently, and now we will learn how to get maximum free storage out of Dropbox.

Dropbox had collaboration with Samsung which allow an additional storage space to the users once they start using their application. Dropbox has divided the entire free storage per user into a quest; the more quests you complete more will be the reward. You can earn upto 50+ GB data for free on your DropBox Account.

Note: I have tested this on my Samsung mobile smartphone, other phone users can give it a try but results are not guaranteed. Do share your finding.

Go to Dropbox Get More Space  page to get additional storage.

  1. Install Dropbox on your other devices i.e. desktop, tablet etc. I installed it on my Desktop. Its part of free storage quest.
    linking your computer to dropbox
  2. To start with you will get an extra space of 125 MB for connecting your facebook account to dropbox.
  3. You will earn 125 MB for connecting your twitter account, and additional 125 MB for following @DropBox. So total 250 MB can be earned from twitter.
  4. You can refer 32 of your friends to get the total of 16GB additional storage through referrals, you get 500 MB of free space per referral when there is a new sign up.
    Dropbox Free Storage methods
  5. 1GB from liking your email with mailbox app on your android, ios devices
  6. Tell Dropbox team why you love Dropbox, for additional 125 MB.
    I love dropbox 125mb free
  7. 3GB can be earned for linking your mobile camera with Dropbox app (Devices that have Dropbox preinstalled on them from the manufacturer).
  8. Whopping 48GB for completing the Dropbox tour and finishing 5 of 7 quests.dropbox 48gb storage

    Dropbox Guru

  9. Dropbox has a forum too which conducts contests and test offers, and signing up for such offers may reward free space.

I earned a Whopping bonus of 51.75 GB free storage after completing the quests, a total of 53.75 GB free Storage (2GB free storage which it gives to every registered user).

Dropbox bonus space earned

Note: 48 GB storage is a promotional offer which remains in your account for 2 years from the date of activation. Than you have to upgrade your account, till than enjoy the storage.

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