Google Maps Tracking your every move

By | August 22, 2014
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google_mapsGoogle Maps is not just zooming and looking for places, best part of maps is navigation on the move. Google stores all your navigation history every minute while you are on the move. The navigation data remains with Google to provide benefits like improved map searches and tailored commute information. You can disable/pause the location history if you feel a privacy invasion. If we look at a larger picture this data can help you manage your travel history, can help you locate your lost phone and even tracking movement of your loved ones.

Check Google Maps Location History

Google Maps location history can be viewed here. Make sure that your Google account is same that you uses on play store.

My Travel History from Meerut to New Delhi and Vice versa

Google Location history

The maximum location history you can see at a time is for 30 days, you can select the 30 days from any year or month. That means your entire location/travel history right from when you started using Google Maps is stored and available with Google.

Google Map location history for 1 month

History reflects my timestamps for respective travel dates in the time frame of May4, 2014 and June 2, 2014.  Lets select a time stamp for May 8, 2014. From the images below we are able to get correct and precise location along with the your physical activity during that time i.e. biking, stationary.

Google location timestamp Google location timestamp


Disable Google Location Tracking

The information stored on the Google servers is like the one stored with our telephone operators. We can’t do anything to our telephone companies monitoring our every move. Google provides you with the flexibility of disabling the tracking. This can be done by two methods.

Disable from Google location History Page:

On the right side of this page click on Settings >> History Settings or you can directly visit the link here.

Click pause to stop the tracking of location history.

location history setting

Disable Location service:

android location services

allow access to location
Pausing Location History means we won’t store new location data with your account. Pausing does not delete your existing Location History data, which still can be used to improve your overall Google experience.
Pausing Location History also does not turn off Location Reporting, or location services for your device.

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