Listen to your Favorite Music on Android Phones

By | September 18, 2014
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Android Listening to MusicWhen you own an Android based device, your world is all about apps! Be it enjoying the best online shopping experience or savoring your favorite music, there are several apps to choose from. We are fortunate that a magnanimous community of developers is working day and night for developing applications that help better our experiences every time.

 When it Comes to Music

 The manner, in which we listen to music  on the move, continues to change and evolve. Since we carry our smartphone everywhere it has also become one one-stop media player! And the music player apps available from the Google Play Store, keeps bettering the output and provides newest features for improved usage ease. There are quite a few music player apps that have been around for a while. We look at the top 5 carefully selected ones which deliver full throttle or enriching your music on Android experience. Let’s Start!



If you are seeking a music player app that delivers high quality listening experience and is able to sync Android with iTunes quite seamlessly, the DoubleTwist is the app to rely on. It provides for a classic visual interface and works not only as a music player but as a comprehensive music player too! And, the best part is that the app comes for free! In-app purchase options are available for any additional features you would like to avail.



The App, which was also a star favorite, last year, has managed to bring about further improvements in its offerings. Not only does it support the oddest of music formats, it also supports several music enhancements for an enriched output. You have a 10 band equalizer, treble tweaks and a completely separate bass. Besides, mono mixing and replay gain correction are also features that have been included here. More than the casual music listener, it is meant for the power user. You can use it for free for the first couple of weeks, after which you need to buy it.




 If you are fascinated by the design standards of Google, the PlayMusic app put out by Google will not disappoint. You get a superlative interface. The main library is equipped to sort through not only songs and albums but genres as well. And, everything else apart from the music you have personally stored on this device remains hidden. And you can even mix your cloud stored music with the local stuff. What makes the Play Music stand out is that whenever you buy a new song from the Play Store, the app stores the music but does not provide access to it anywhere else.

 The N7 Player


 This one is an extremely popular choice and what makes it a clear winner is its usability and interface. Your library would be automatically built once you start using this app and all the music you might have stored on your SD card or internal storage will be compiled. Apart from the interface, the N7 does have a additional features lie a 10 band equalizer which can be used if you are using Android OS 4.1 or above. You also get support for different types of Audio files, a tag editor with full features, gapless audio playback and much more.



The Fusion music player is for you if you believe that discovering your kind of music will be one of the major components of listening to the music of your choice. The interface provides, is slick and options for customizations are also present. Browsing music on this app provides two additional fun tabs which help you to know which are the current top songs and the available sources for it. There is a radio tab which acts as the frontend for shoutcast radio. Although it does not match up to Pandora, its good to have this feature in the repertoire of options.

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Surely, a lot more is yet to come. However, till it does, there is plenty on the platter for the true blue music lover! Go ahead! Enjoy your music on Android!

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