How to make Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive?

By | September 21, 2014
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Try Ubuntu without InstallationWith exponentially decreasing cost of memory cards and Flash drives, it has become a common practice today to simply format a computer by means using a bootable Flash drive. After all, some of the laptops these days don’t even  have a CD drive available. Nonetheless, this tutorial gives a brief idea of how to make a bootable USB Flash drive, both in Ubuntu and Windows 7.

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But before we begin please ensure that you have completed the following steps :

  • Go to and click on Downloads >> Desktop
  • Select the 32-bit or 64-bit version according to your choice and click on download.

Download Ununtu Desktop Screenshots

  • If you wish, you can make some donation to Cannonical or simply scroll down and click “Not now, take me to the download”.
  • Your download will start automatically.
  • Now Go to and scroll down and click on download. (For Windows 7)
  • Also please ensure that your Flash drive should have at least 2 GB of free space.

Now lets begin with the tutorial !

Creating a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive from Ubuntu: 

  • Click on this icon (Dash) and type “Startup Disk Creator”.

Search your computer and Online Sources Ubuntu

  • Click on the icon that appears i.e. Startup Disk Creator.

Startup Disk Creator ubuntu

  • The following window pops up, to Make Startup Disk.

Make startup Disk in Ubuntu

  • Click on ” Other” and Select the Ubuntu ISO downloaded previously.

Select Ubuntu iso file

  • Select the .ISO file and click on Open.

Make startup Disk

  • Select the USB drive you wish to use and click on “Make Startup Disk”.

Copying files ubuntu

  • Wait till the process is completed and do not remove the Flash drive while the operation is in progress.

Installation CompleteThat’s it your Ubuntu is ready to be booted from the Flash drive.


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Creating a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive from  Windows 7

  • Open the previously downloaded file from and click on “I agree”.

Universal Usb Installer

  • Now select the Operating System i.e. Ubuntu from the drop-down list.

select linux distribution from the dropdown menu

  • Click on “Browse” and select the ISO file of Ubuntu.

browse ubuntu iso file

ubuntu iso file path

  • Now select the USB drive from the drop down list.

select your flash drive

  • It is advisable to check “Format” option.
  • Now click on “Create” the following screen will appear.

create yout bootable drive


  • Click on “Yes’ and the operation will start. Do not remove the Flash drive until the process is completed successfully.

universal usb installer for ubuntu on windows7


Formatting pendrive

  • Now click on “Close”.

installation completeAlso See: Install Gnome Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 14.04

Now you have yourselves a Bootable USB Flash drive!!

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