Facebook Algorithm change for ClickBait Articles

Believe it or not, Facebook is cracking down big time on click baiters! According to an official statement issued by product specialist professional Joyce Tang and research scientist Khalid El Arini, Facebook will no longer be privy to articles that have a click bait headline. Now what exactly is the fuss about? Let’s first understand… Read More »

13 Android Developer Options

Developer Options are advanced settings which are hidden in Settings menu and can be unlocked by going to Settings >> About Phone and tapping Build Number 7 times. Using these options users can speed up their device by turning animations off or can increase rendering quality for good gameplay etc. Many users don’t change anything… Read More »

Top 4 Stock Android Smartphones

Now a days different OEMs are shipping their smartphone products with additional UI layer and some propriety applications pre-installed on the device such as TouchWiz UI by Samsung, Sense by HTC, TimeScape by Sony and further this list includes LG, Lenovo, Huawei and many more but some customer just want the pure Google experience i.e.… Read More »