Productivity enhancement apps

By | November 9, 2014
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Productivity enhancement apps

The phenomenal success of tablets and Smartphones has made numerous apps available to users. And often, these apps do have a role to play in making your lives a whole lot easier, in many ways. You have apps for banking, grocery shopping and what not! But, are there apps for enhancing productivity as well? Do they actually help you in doing your job better? We look at some of the apps here, which manage to improve upon your productivity in real time.


If you are looking out for productivity enhancement apps that can improve  productivity in all aspects of life, this one is your pick. Its free and you can use it on your Android or Apple devices. And, the ease of usage is a huge plus. The application allows you create as many lists as you please and ensure that your items remain organized. What’s special about this application is that it allows you to access your lists from any device. All your lists, once made, are saved in the cloud. You can use it for planning serious projects and even for something as basic as retrieving your grocery list on your phone, once you reach the supermarket! It keeps you sorted!

 Download Wunderlist Productivity App from Here

Screenshot Wunderlist

Speek – Free Conference Call

Conference calls are part of any and every business process these days. It helps teams to communicate without having to travel geographic distances. Despite the conveniences it offers, many consider it to be a fiddly process. Thankfully, there is an application for help. It eliminates the fuss and saves precious time for getting on with work. You just need to pick up a personal link which substitutes the traditional phone numbers and PIN. Send this to the callers invited to the call. They will only have to click on the link on their device. Simple! So no third parties here and no dodgy music or waiting tones! And, most importantly, its free!

Download Speek – Free Conference Call from Here


Screenshot Speek

Keeper Password Manager

What if you forget your system password once you reach your work desk early in the morning? You would have to wait through for your IT department to become operational and salvage matters for you! The end result is a humungous wastage of time! This is where an application like Keeper will come in handy. It has the capacity to synch your devices so that you can do away with the frustration of entering the wrong password and ending up locking your accounts. There is a single password which protects your secrets! It is safe and easy to remember!

Download Keeper Password Manager App from here

Screenshot Keeper

Whereas these surely qualify as some of the smart choices for productivity enhancing apps, there are several others too that promise to be of great help! An in-depth research is essential before making your  choice.


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