How to run exe files on Ubuntu

By | September 23, 2014
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wine and linux for .exe installation on ubuntuMany times we come across a point where we want to run some application that are available in Windows and have no counterparts available in Ubuntu/Linux. Apparently, Ubuntu has a workaround for that – Wine. It originally used to stand for “Wine Is Not an Emulator “. It is basically used to run Windows based applications on Linux, Mac OS X and other POSIX-based Operating System. What makes this application different from others is the fact that instead of acting as a virtual environment for Windows it simply translates the Windows API calls on the go, thereby reducing the memory overloads and other penalties that may have been caused while suing other emulators, etc. Thus it takes advantage of the Host OS, in this case say  Linux, thereby providing the security of Linux based OS, while running Windows Applications.  Other features of the host Operating System, such as shell scripts in Linux can also be used in conjunction with Wine to automate various tasks and process, thereby providing the best of both worlds for the user. What makes its more awesome is the fact that it can be used over a network to access windows applications stored on a Linux server by using a X terminal. It is commonly used to run Games on Ubuntu/other Linux distributions.

I guess now you have just the right idea about Wine, but if you wish to read more, you can visit for more information on this project.

Now lets begin with the process of installing and running wine, and run exe files on Ubuntu.

Installing Wine in Ubuntu:

  • Open the Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu software center

  • In the Search bar, type “Wine” and click on the first result that appears.

select wine from search

  • Provide the password when prompted to and your installation will begin.
  • Wait till the download finishes, this might take a while.ubuntu software center

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Running exe files on Ubuntu

  • Now browse to the place where your .exe application is stored.


  • Right click on the application and select the “Properties”.

npp.6.5.3.installer.exe properties

  • Now click on the “Open With ” tab. Scroll down the list and select “Wine Windows Program Loader” and click on “Add”.

Wine Windows Program Loader

  • Now install the program by Right clicking on the .exe and file and click on “Open with Wine Windows Program Loader”.

Open with Wine Windows Program Loader

Notepad++ v6.5.3 setup on ubunturunning notepad++ in ubuntu

  • You can view your files in /home/.wine/dosdrives/

 view your files in /home/.wine/dosdrives/

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You can also add more drives and other option by making changes in the “Configure Wine ” option. Enjoy!!

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