Shut your Computer with BlueTooth Device

By | August 14, 2014
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unlock lockMany a times you are disturbed by a bell-ring at the door. You unconsciously walk to the door and forget to lock your computer. You get busy talking to the guy at the door while your lil’ brother or sister is going to engage your system. She starts closing all your unsaved documents, playing some of the dirty videos, and delete some important files.
Earlier we posted on unlocking and locking computer with Predator software, but today we are going to see another automated process using which you can automatically lock your computer, once your phone rings.
These days every device comes with Bluetooth enabled – from your laptop to your mobile. Bluetooth is a protocol for short-range wireless communications. If you are like me, you think that this concept is no good than for headphones and cars. The latest Bluetooth specification which is 4.1 is enabled on many of the devices.
Earlier in 1999, the technology was new and there were many incompatibilities across devices in using this type of devices. To get an idea of what Bluetooth is capable of, I tested 10 wireless accessories that help me everything from making hands-free calls, printing mobile phone photo, to typing emails and giving presentations.
The best application is when you hate to typing passwords to unlock your computer and keep your computer and mobile secure. The downside of Bluetooth is that they work within a range only. This negative aspect becomes positive when used in the right way. So when you are connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can tell the computer to unlock and stop everytime from typing passwords.


Use BtProx to Lock Your Computer in your Absence

This new piece of software called “BtProx” works on the principle of locking your computer wirelessly using your Bluetooth enabled device. Whenever your Bluetooth mobile or device is some distance away from your computer, it automatically gets locked and whenever you are within range, it gets unlocked automatically.


The following are the steps to be performed.

  1. Use the site and download “BtProx” software.
  2. Install the tool. Then run this tool and change the Timeout value to 0 minutes.
  3. This indicates that when the Bluetooth device is out of range, the computer will immediately get locked with time delay.
  4. If you want some time delay, you can enter any other value in minutes.
  5. The next step is to configure the tool which are self-explanatory.
  6. Press the start button and your tool will start scanning for Bluetooth enabled devices.
  7. That’s it.

As soon as your computer out of range from the Bluetooth phone, the computer gets locked or will display a message that it’ll lock within a time frame which if you have set earlier.
This bit of security software can also work as your privacy device. Just make sure to run this tool whenever you are at home and keep your computer secure from small kids and outside pesters in office. But the condition is that you need to have Bluetooth enabled both on your phone and computer.

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