How Social Exactly is Social Media?

By | September 8, 2014
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social_mediaSocial media is clearly the biggest thing on the internet these days. We are all in awe of these interactive platforms, leaving no stone unturned in leveraging the maximum worth from them. These rampantly accessed platforms are being used for several purposes, both related to work and play. Gone are the days when social media was the source of tracking down a long lost school pal alone! Today, these platforms are being used for advertising and showcasing products and ideas and even for fast track recruitment! In fact, 33% of modern consumers are actually coming across new products and brands on social networks!

 But how social exactly is Social Media?

 Whereas 2014 still has a few months to go, 2013 stats are clearly suggestive of a predominant trend. And, much hasn’t changed in the first half of 2014 either! To begin with, the percentage of time devoted to social media platforms by Android Smart Phone and ios users is close to about 43% according to the Flurry’s Analytical Survey. This is only second to online games which are a clear winner with about 50% of time share. And, the popularity chart of social media platforms is as follows:

  •  Facebook, as we all probably know already, is the Numero Uno in over 127 countries across the world. Asia alone has about 278 million users! And the total user base has crossed the 1 billion mark!
  • Twitter comes next with half the number! About 500 million users are hooked onto Twitter worldwide.
  • LinkedIn comes next with about 200 million users.
  • Google+ comes next with 135 million users
  • Tumblr comes next with about 88 million patrons

The phenomenal success of Facebook has been representative of the surge in popularity of social media interfaces in more ways than one. There are over 3.5 million post, likes and comments on Facebook, each day. In fact, almost half of Facebook users log on to the platform every single day, spending on an average of 7 hours a month here. This is about 374 hours a year!

The Clearly Emerging Trends

 Well, with an all pervading presence, social media is indeed extremely social, in the present times. It has moved from strength to strength. In fact, social media usage is nothing short of addiction these days where people are spending more and more time accessing them for various purposes.

This patronage is indeed proving to be extremely healthy for the fortunes of media giants. Grabbing eyeballs has never been easier for them.


 There is a Clear Difference between the “Real” socializing and the “Virtual” socializing

 Has social media replaced the “real” fun of socializing in person? Well, it certainly has! We prefer typing comments and posting likes than making an effort to meet up with our near and dear ones in person. It is indeed convenient and requires minimal efforts. However, it may not always be preferable. For instance:

24% American Facebook users have confessed to extreme exaggeration when interacting on Facebook!

40% account and 8% messages found on Facebook are actually spam!

Although it is all very good to rely on social media for interactions, attempting to replace the real social world with it is a gross mistake.

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