Social Media Networking and youngsters

By | September 14, 2014
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The youngster of today is hooked on to social media. Imagining life without Facebook and Twitter is near impossible for them. Online chats go well into the nights and are any day preferred over actual meetings and get- together. However, there is a clear cause of concern here. Parents and guardians are of the opinion that rampant usage of social media could indeed affect the social and emotional well being of their young children. The very recent shocking incident where an Indian boy attacked his mother simply because she restricted his social media exposure is a case in point. The boy started suffering from severe depression due to social media addiction and required medical attention.

 The Youngsters’ Point of View

social media and youngsters

It is no secret that youngsters are indeed hooked onto social media and they simply love it. However, some of them actually consider social media exposure advantageous as well. Listed below are some interesting statistical findings which surfaced from targeted researches.

  1. 29% college going youngsters felt that social networking actually helped them to manage their shyness.
  2. 28% were of the opinion that it helped in making them much more outgoing.
  3. 15% felt it actually enhanced their self image.
  4. 20% felt that social media exposure actually made them much more confident.
  5. And, 52% were of the opinion that social media networking helped them to build fruitful relations.
  6. 88% stated that it has helped them to track down their long lost friends.

Overall, they all stated that being on social media has managed to improve their personalities and have made them more social in general.

 Is it all Positive?

Positive Social Media

 Well, no. there is a flipside to this as well! 18% social media users felt that being on these platforms is making them more depressed. Similarly, 4% were of the opinion that it hurt relationships, both within and outside the family. And, a very encouraging fact also is that 70 to 80% were of the opinion that social media had no role to play in enhancing their self worth.


The comprehensive analysis put forth by the study, on the basis of these facts is that college going teenagers are hugely addicted to social media and a majority of them feel that it is doing them more harm than good. However, given a chance, they would still like to communicate in person.

 The Balanced Fact Based Truth

social media and youngsters_2

 It is indeed a fact that interacting on social media interfaces allows young minds to share their ideas and thoughts. And recurrent interactions make them more and more confident about their social skills. However, the problem lies not with the usage but with the addiction factor associated with rampant usage.

Since these platforms enjoy extensive exposure, privacy threats are increasingly common. Intruders and stalkers are lurking everywhere. And they can use whatever information is available here to track down more facts about the identity of these young users. So, these interfaces have become favorites with predators and child molesters. And this indeed is a matter of grave concern.

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