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Top Linux Text Editors

Linux is very popular platform among developers and programmers as it provides seamless flexibility in terms of development. Linux has also been the very base of Computer Science education from the advent, for writing any program or web application developer needs a sufficiently reliable text editor supporting large number of programming languages. So in this… Read More »

Top 6 Linux Desktop Environments

Linux offers its users variety of desktop environments to choose from unlike Windows and Macintosh. Linux desktop environments provides users and client an intuitive and attractive desktop and also a wide variety of inbuilt media, software, games, development tools and tweak tools. Some of the popular ones are GNOME, KDE, Unity, Xfce, LXDE and Cinnamon… Read More »

Everything about Linux file systems

A File System basically describes how data is stored and retrieved. It also defines the various data structures that are used to store the data and organize them into blocks for efficient storage and retrieval. It describes the various distinctive features like recoverablity, file size, partition size etc. Being Linux user, it is imperative to… Read More »