Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks

By | September 17, 2014
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Android is undefeated when it comes to the number of smartphones running its various iterations out there. Android devices have the highest amount of apps available for it and also always get the first preference when any new apps are to be launched. Now Android does have lots of functionalities in itself even without the apps and hence it is better to follow and abide by certain tricks and tips to go about and have the best android experience.

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Lets have a look at Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use Shortcuts and Widgets:

    Android gives you the liberty to use upto 5 home screens where you can arrange all your icons, apps, shortcuts, widgets, etc. So it is always better to get your app shortcuts on the Homescreen which you use the most so that you do not have to go into the app drawer all the time. The same applies to most contacted people. Plus you can use widgets of apps like Facebook, News, Weather, etc. so that you can get all the latest updates on your Homescreen itself and you do not have to go into individual apps all the time to check it.

  2. Store Data on external storage:

    Almost all Android devices some fitted with MicroSD card expansion slots. Not all devices come loaded with GB’s of storage options available and hence it is always better to store all your data like music, images, etc. on the SD card. This not only frees up more phone storage for your apps, but also makes sure that in case your phone goes bad; your data is still safe.

  3. Set Mobile Data limit warning:

    Android devices without internet connection are useless, so mobile data on the move is more of a necessity than an added feature. Plus with the 3G and 4G networks and fast connections, the data just gets used up too quickly such that it generally takes almost no time to cross your operator specified data limit. So you can now set your own limits on your device and put up a reminder to let you know when you near your limit.

  4. Turn off Vibrator when phone is in General:

    Your phone uses more battery in vibration mode than when ringing. So it is better to keep the phone ringing than vibrating most of the times. And also if you have the phone ringing, then better to keep vibration off and not on together so that you can save tons of battery in case you are the one whose phone keeps buzzing practically all the time.

  5. Use Google Now instead of Google:

    We all know how many times we Google stuff on our phone. But now instead of typing or manually going into Google to search, you can simply activate the voice commands and use Google Now to Google whatever you want. This is not only a fun way, but a quicker one too.

  6. Add words to phone dictionary:

    The words which are unique are always the most tricky to type when typing in full flow. For this reason, when you type the word once, just select it and add it to the phone dictionary. What this will do is that next time you type the same word, the phone will suggest it to you so that you don’t have to type it completely again and again. This not only saves effort and time but also auto-correct always helps here in case you happen to misspell it.

  7. Close all the background apps using App killer:

    Whenever you exit any app, it does not mean the app has been closed. The app is always still running in the background sucking up all the phone’s resources and draining the battery in the process. So what you can do is to go to the background apps checker and manually kill all the apps so that not only they stop hogging the resources, but also free up the RAM for other programs to use and run smoothly along with saving precious battery time.

  8. Set a password:

    One of the perils of owning a smartphone is people snooping into it “checking out” your phone. For that reason to avoid others access to your sensitive information and also your personal files and messages, etc. it is advisable to put up on a password for either the phone as a total or else for individual apps or both.

  9. Uninstall unused apps:

    Android does have the habit of slowing down as the amount of data builds up in the device; something which we think it has picked up from Windows for desktop. So as you keep downloading the apps, the app data plus supporting extra files pile up the memory slowing down your phone overall. So it is always better to uninstall the apps that you do not require or the ones which you have not used for over 3 weeks. This will not only make your phone run smoother, but also save precious battery life.

  10. Use battery saver:

    How much ever technology progresses, one thing will remain an issue all the time and that is the battery life of any phone. Now we can either keep power banks with us, or else use swappable extra batteries, but the best suggestion is to use a battery saver. This saves a ton of battery power by killing all the background apps and also stopping some functions of the phone which you don’t generally need. Plus if you are ever stranded at a place where you won’t be having much access to power, then this seems to be a much clever option.

So here we have the best compilation of tricks and tips of getting the best out of Android devices. We have covered only the most important 10, but there are many and we are sure even you have many with you. So do share them with us by commenting down below and also do share this with your friends so that they all can benefit from these tips. For the entire latest scoop on technology, do stay tuned to

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