Top Android Keyboard Applications

By | October 16, 2014
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As  Android users we enjoy many prospects of customization and one of them are third party keyboards. There are ample amount of keyboard applications available in the play store which allows you to choose different themes and helps you to reach new level of typing speed and precision. So here we rounded up with some of the best keyboards available for Android devices:



Without any doubt SwiftKey is the most popular keyboard application in play store with over 50000000 downloads. It is able to correct even the sloppiest writing mistakes and supports over 800 emoticons. It allows personalized predictions, auto-correct and beautiful themes, users are able to shift the keyboard on left or right side of the panel depending upon the hand using for typing and also un-dock the keyboard from the bottom and put it anywhere on screen. Other features include cloud connectivity and vast language support of over 60 languages.

Download SwiftKey



Swype is the first swipe-to-type keyboard application and is widely popular with over 10000000 downloads. It is available free for 30 days after then it can be purchased for Rs. 60. It hold Guinness World Record for fastest message typing and features bilingual support, personal dictionary backup and sync,  next word prediction and Dragon prediction which is a voice recognition feature. Users can also use gestures for select all, cut, copy and paste.

Download Swype




This a minimal looking yet a powerful keyboard application hitting around 5000000 downloads on play store. Layout of the keyboard changes dynamically when user start typing so that the next letter to type appears next to the finger. It is available for free for first 30 days with in-app purchases. Fleksy supports different layouts including QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak. Featuring colorful themes, powerful gestures, incredible auto-correct, type-n-play and cloud personalization it made cut to our list of top keyboard applications.

Download Fleksy



As the name suggest, Minuum is a minimal keyboard application having seen around 50000 downloads, designed for maximum screen space while typing and is one of its kind. It takes half the screen space taken by regular keyboards and user can also monitor his/her typing speed while typing. Minuum also supports different layouts including QWERTY, AZERTY and A to Z, featuring multitasking, smartwatch support as it is ideal for smaller screens, voice recognition, full size expansion and easy caps.

Download Minuum

Some more keyboard applications are popular among users but have a limited fanbase. This list includes Adaptxt, AI Type keyboard plus, Go Keyboard, Hacker’s Keyboard, Kii Keyboard and TouchPal X and all of them are available for download on play store.

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