Use Dropbox Efficiently

By | September 1, 2014
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DropboxDropbox is a free service backup service that brings new features every now and then. The Android and iOS apps are very popular on such platforms. If you make use of the Dropbox , there are ways to get the maximum from its latest version.You can download the latest version here.

Get more free space without paying extra for it

Dropbox gives a free space of 2.0 GB to all free accounts. If you require more space, you complete small quests given by dropbox. See all the ways to earn free space by visiting DropBox Get More Space 

Dropbox space earned

Learn how to get maximum free storage out of Dropbox.

Use Dropbox so that iTunes libraries are kept in Sync

If you have stored the iTunes libraries in various devices, the Drop box will be a great way to access them whenever and wherever you want.
To get iTunes libraries on Dropbox, you need to drag and drop them in the Dropbox folder. Once the iTunes know where the new location is (you require to hold Shift tab while launching iTunes), this way you will be able to access the iTunes library whenever you would want.

Make a back up of your images to Dropbox

The app known as ‘If This Then That’ has end number of web applications in it. The best way to use the app is by setting it to a mode where it will automatically save all the photographs which you will upload in the social networking site, on to Dropbox. You will need to download and run the app and provide certain information about the social networking account you hold in order to set it up.


facebook to dropbox

Back up for the mobile phone pictures

There are apps for iOS and Android platforms in Dropbox that enable the photos to be automatically updated. Every time you record a video or click a photo, Dropbox will automatically back them. You can be relaxed even if you delete a photo or a video accidentally on your phone.

Mark a file so that you can access it even when you are offline

If you access certain files regularly and each time to have to log on to it to view the files like photos, videos and movies, then make them favorite in Dropbox. Once the files are marked then those files will be accessible to you locally thereafter on your device. You do not require internet to view the files.

Dropbox Offline files

Share files with ones who do not have a Dropbox account

If you want to share your folders and files in Dropbox with someone who does not have an account, then you need to right click on the file and click share link. Your friend can now access read-only file.

share folder

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