Use WhatsApp without Disclosing Your Number

By | August 13, 2014
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whatsappAfter Facebook acquired WhatsApp, there seem to be stream of new features being rolled in. This new social messenger can be used to send texts, sounds and funny video clips and can be used to share all kind of media. I have posted several tricks about Whats App on the forum, splendid WhatsApp Tips and Tricks and can even create bogus conversations for clowning your friends.

Install and Utilize WhatsApp without a Mobile Number (SIM Card)

If you want to join the WhatsApp network, generally you need to have a mobile number. But this simple trick is going to show you an alternate method of “cheating” WhatsApp. You need not enter your true mobile number to sign in, but we will be using another number that will activate your account. This will help improve your privacy and not for mischievous deeds.

The following steps can be done to implement this trick.

  1. Install WhatsApp from the source or searching it as an app on your Android or iOS mobile.
  2. You can do fresh install or if you have already installed, just click the change number option.
  3. But if you have downloaded from third-party make sure “unknown sources” option is ticked.
  4. You need another app called Text+ to get the verification or dummy number.
  5. Navigate to Settings > Contact from Text+ app main menu.
  6. You can now see a personal number which is not your mobile number and which is a fake one.
  7. Just copy that number and enter in the mobile number field in WhatsApp.
  8. Hit the verification button.
  9. Immediately you will receive a SMS verification code on your phone in the Text+ application.
  10. Enter that code in WhatsApp and you will be authorized to send photos, jokes, videos etc to your friends you have on WhatsApp.

This method is really useful for make pranks on your friends. Enjoy surfing WhatsApp anonymously without even disclosing your number. This is because the number you have entered in WhatApp is not yours and your friends will not be able to call that number. But you can easily send messages to the real phone numbers of your relatives and friends.


Also these tricks can be useful if you are using the groups feature of WhatsApp. Many groups have some unknown members with whom you are unwilling to share your number. So the above trick also helps your privacy in such situations.

Recently a German privacy regulator urged WhatsApp users to change to a more secure service, as it has been bought up by Facebook. WhatsApp which has been bought by Facebook for $12 billion in shares, $4 billion in cash and $3 billion in cash options raises the important issue of data protection as your personal data is being merge with Facebook data.

There are apprehensions that when communication metadata and content of both services are merged, it can be used for commercially exploiting the current 1 billion WhatsApp users. In all such cases, the above cheat can be useful to protect your security and privacy.

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