What is Wi-Fi Direct ?

By | August 27, 2014
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wifi directBluetooth devices nearby gets connected directly with other  wireless devices. Any kind of central hub is not required. But the Wi-Fi doesn’t works similarly. It’s quite tedious to transfer data between two Wi-Fi enabled phones or laptop. A router will be required by both the devices for the connection along with a set up permission etc.

Engineers are putting a lot of efforts in order to make Wi-Fi connection similar to Bluetooth. The ultimate outcome is Wi-Fi Direct, which is a protocol that enables direct communication between two devices without using router.

How the Wi-Fi direct works?

No special hardware required for Wi-Fi Direct to work. According to the principle, the hardware can only make the Wi-Fi Direct compactible with the updates of firmware. Its technology is quite indistinguishable from the one used by ad-hoc networking which involves the use of a device along with a cellular or wired internet that can convert the Wi-Fi adapter into a Wi-Fi router and allows various devices to log in. Wi-Fi direct simply make the procedure of setup easier.

For example, service discovery is offered by Wi-Fi direct. When you will turn on a device having Wi-Fi direct, it will instantly narrow down the list of networks available and will offer you only those which are more likely to be used. This technology will also show you are devices for printing in case you need a hardcopy.

The connections offered by Wi-Fi direct are quite secure as they provide WPA2encryption.

You may be already using Wi-Fi Direct

The Led Smart TV’s at your home is also a Wi-Fi Direct system. The normal remote control works on infrared technology but these Smart TV’s and Accessories are connected through Wi-Fi Direct. You can share images, videos directly from your phone with the internal memory of your Smart TV. Screen sharing is also possible with the help of Wi-Fi direct.

Wi-Fi Direct is also offered by android. Wi-Fi inbuilt androids are also available. Although, it doesn’t support many applications. On Android devices it can be accessed from Settings>> Wi-Fi>> Wi-Fi Direct. I will connect my Android phone (GT-I9082) with my Led TV ([TV][LG]42LN5710-TE)

Wi-fi direct connection

Select Wi-Fi Direct from the Wi-Fi Settings


[TV][LG]42LN5710-TE wifi

Available Wi-Fi Direct Connection [TV][LG]42LN5710-TE

Accept the access request on your TV. Once you are connected you will be able to share the files with your Wi-fi Direct.

Sharing Option through Wifi direct

Sharing Option through Wi-fi direct

Wi-Fi direct is yet not ready for prime time

At this time, Wi-Fi Direct is only able to work between those devices whose connection is specifically intended like Android devices and Smart TV. Even though you are having a Wi-Fi Direct enabled laptop and a phone both then too you can’t connect them. The protocol available is yet not able to connect the differently equipped devices with that ease. Hopefully few years, it will get develop to allow these connections too.

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