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By | November 7, 2014
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There was a recent joke on the internet about Bill Gates teaching us to count to 10. It went on like 1, 2, 3, 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Anyone with some basic knowledge about Windows and Microsoft would understand it pretty well that all these are versions for Windows over the years since its inception. Now the reason I mentioned it here is because Windows had finally come back to the usual naming conventions for 7, 8, etc. and with Microsoft working on the newer version of the Windows knows as Threshold internally, should have had been named Windows 9, but no. Microsoft has gone ahead and named it Windows 10; why? That is something only for them to know apparently.


Now it is not just the new name, Microsoft has actually been working hard to make the new Windows an amalgamation of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to bring out something better that can work for the entire Internet of things as Microsoft likes to call it. This means, Windows 10 will not only be for the touch, but also will be suitable for the usual mouse and keyboard users as well. Now with the Technical Preview released by Microsoft a couple of weeks ago, here are some great new features that Microsoft has brought us.

  1. There are two versions of Windows, the usual single user one, and the enterprise version. Microsoft is testing the enterprise version much more extensively with tie ups with companies to test out its performance and suitability to create a better environment. As for the single users, the tech preview is the one. Do not that the tech preview for both user and enterprise are different.
  1. New Start Screen: Unlike Windows 8’s live tiles in start screen, Microsoft has changed the layout now with a combination of flow menu of the most used apps like Windows 7 on the left and the most used live tiles like Windows 8 on the right. This brings the best of both worlds for the user, especially with a mouse and keyboard.
  1. Windows Store Apps: Windows had an RT version which only had the store to get apps and it could not download and use other Win32 apps from the internet. But now Microsoft is looking to make a unified app store for all the RT apps, Win32 apps as well as the Windows Phone apps under the universal apps section, so that should be great.
  1. Snap on App Window: This is one feature which will be of great help for simple multitasking users. The issue with current windows version is that the app windows don’t quite align properly when you want two or more at the same time. Hence with this feature, when you drag a window towards one end of the screen, it automatically adjusts and takes us one half of the screen while you can go ahead and attach multiple windows this way and they properly align in the screen allowed, symmetrically.
  1. Multiple Workstations: For the heavy multitaskers, this new function will come really handy. Just like on Linux, one can create multiple sessions of windows with separate workstations. This way you can divide your personal stuff with work and keep them both in separate sessions so that it does not gets mixed. This can also help divide your session from other members if you happen to be sharing your system.
  1. Command Prompt Improvements: This is actually a very minor yet important update to the command prompt as unlike earlier, now all the keyboard shortcuts that are available for the full windows, work for the command prompt as well making life a lot easier for the command prompt users.
  1. Keyboard Detection: This is a feature that Microsoft is planning to bring up in the final build of Windows and is not quite available in the tech preview but has been announced. This is mainly for all the tablet PCs which have detachable keyboards. So when Windows detects a keyboard attached, it boots up to the desktop mode and when there is no keyboard detected, Windows boots up to the tablet start screen by default to work on touch. Also when a keyboard is attached or detached, Windows gives a pop up to change the mode of the Windows to suit the input type.

So this is what the tech preview has in store for us. There is the enterprise feature as well, which Microsoft is working on, and the security and licensing should be similar to the current Windows 8.1 model, but it will bring many interesting features to the OS. Anyone interested in getting the Tech Preview to try out and know how it works as of yet, you can get it on the official Microsoft site.

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