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Hello, it has been a wonderful journey with our team of content writers and is going to be even amazing with our upcoming contributors. Experience through live scenarios and problems one acquire over time is the best piece of knowledge a individual is awarded. Why limit this beautiful piece of knowledge with one self? Lets share it and help others with their piece of problems. So we will be sharing few guidelines that our existing content writers and upcoming contributors should follow.

Quality content writing is a very tough task. It requires a blend of lot of skills. A good content writer needs to be a good learner, analyzer, innovative,  posses full clarity of the topic. They should be aware of the latest technologies and market trends so as to help themselves in selecting topics of reader’s choice and interest. Article need to be catchy, clear, short yet complete, interest driven for readers. Content writing is an art which requires dedication, commitment and how beautifully you create and present your content with maximum ease so that even a layman can understand things with full clarity.

Follow these guidelines for composing structured content and deliver search engine friendly content.

  1. All the registered content writers/ contributors need to complete their profile. Those who are interested in working as content writer can apply here.
  2. Article/Post need to be precise, to the point and should have clarity in the topic i.e not vague. It should be of minimum 350 words.
  3. It should be supplemented with graphics, pictures, screenshots wherever applicable with proper references.
  4. Images uploaded should have proper name like “android lock screen” they should not be like “screenshot-*-*, air1, air2, 1, 2 etc”. This effects image optimization in search engines.
  5. Content should be interest driven with your personal touch.
  6. Content should be drafted with proper SEO hierarchy. When you compose a post titles fall in “H1” tag,  hence your content body should follow it with H2, H3, H4 tags.
  7. Content writers should complete the SEO form attached below the content body, fill the tags associated to the topic, select a proper category for their content.
  8. All the content writers must notify the Editors about the selected topics before accomplishing their work through email or through whatsapp.
  9. Last but most important content should be unique and plagiarism free.

In case you have any questions and queries. You can ping us any time.


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