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13 Android Developer Options

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Developer Options are advanced settings which are hidden in Settings menu and can be unlocked by going to Settings >> About Phone and tapping Build Number 7 times. Using these options users can speed up their device by turning animations off or can increase rendering quality for good gameplay etc. Many users don’t change anything due to fear of messing up their device but in reality they can be easily reverted by restoring them to previous value.

13 important Android Developer Options which can be used by any naive user are:

1. Desktop Backup Password

Backups which are created using ADB tool can be protected from being easily accessed by putting password protection using this feature. Goto Developer Options >> Desktop Backup Password and Enter current password and Enter new password.

2. Stay Awake

This feature allows you to keep your screen light on while charging your phone. Goto Developer Options >> Stay awake and tick the box.

3. Select Runtime

This feature is exclusive to KitKat 4.4.x and allows you to choose between Dalvik and ART runtime. ART runtime is still not supported by all the applications but saves battery and increases performance of device.

4. Process Stats

This feature allows users to see more detailed description of the memory and battery usage by different applications installed. Goto Developer Options >> Process Stats.

5. USB Debugging

Most used developer option and is used to test Android related tools by connecting device to PC. It is required to establish connection between device and PC.

6. Allow mock locations

It is used to fake your GPS location coordinates, so that different apps can use your fake location and you will be able to search for different areas quickly.

7. Enable MSAA for OpenGL games

While using high end devices this feature can be turned on to allow high speed rendering of graphics and better gameplay but this feature drains device’s battery quickly.

8. Tweak Animation settings

While transitioning from one screen to another there is some animation, user can speed up this animation or can turn it on/off completely to speed up the device.

9. Display CPU usage overlay

This is not much of a useful feature as it only shows list of all the processes running in the side screen pane and with time their number increases and screen becomes cluttered.

10. Show Touches

It allows visual highlights of the touches on the screen while tapping it with finger. Goto Developer Options >> Show Touches

11. Pointer location

Shows and imprints the touch coordinates on the screen with different colors.

12. Force GPU rendering

It makes use of hardware acceleration on apps which doesn’t support it explicitly and cause performance to increase or reduce accordingly.

13. Don’t Keep App Activities

Application perform lots of activities on the device and keeps track of them, this feature revokes applications right to store activities on the device.

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