Hanuman AI: Bharat First Revolutionary Ai Chatbot Hanooman Ai by SML ! 

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Have you heard of Hanuman AI? This innovative chatbot, named after the Hindu deity known for strength and knowledge, is making waves in the world of artificial intelligence. This Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), has been introduced in India and project by Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay with seven other elite Indian engineering institutes.

This platform was Developed through a collaboration between the Abu Dhabi-based AI investment company, 3AI Holding Limited partnership with Seetha Mahalakshmi Healthcare (SML) India and Backed by Reliance Industries Ltd and the Department of Science and Technology.

Hanuman AI: Bharat First Revolutionary Ai Chatbot Hanooman Ai like ChatGPT !

What is Hanuman AI ChatGPT?

Hanuman Ai is a chatbot like ChatGPT. Hanuman AI is a generative chatbot, meaning it can hold conversations and answer your questions in a natural way. It’s like having a super-smart friend who can access a vast amount of information. You can ask it anything, from current events to historical facts, and get a quick and accurate response.

Here’s the secret behind Hanuman AI’s power: it’s trained on a massive dataset of text and code. This allows it to understand language patterns and respond in a way that mimics human conversation.

Hanooman AI has been designed to work in four fields, including Media, Healthcare, Financial services(Banking) and Education. One of the main objectives behind the launch of Hanuman AI is to ensure that all Indians can easily communicate in over 98 languages, including 12 Indian languages! which makes it accessible to the whole of India.

Just as Hanuman is known for his amazing physical strength, Hanuman AI represents the powerful computational capabilities of modern AI systems. This AI is strong and can process large amounts of data quickly to answer your questions, just like a human brain.

Features of Hanuman Ai Chatbot?

One key strength of Hanuman AI is its mastery of languages. Unlike most chatbots, it can understand and respond in over 98 languages! This includes 12 Indian languages, making it accessible to a wider audience and catering to India’s diverse population.

Hanuman AI Bharat First Revolutionary Ai Chatbot Hanooman Ai like ChatGPT

But Hanuman AI is more than just a translator. It’s a whiz at conversation! This chatbot uses its vast knowledge to understand your questions and provide informative answers. Need help with a school project? Curious about a historical event? Hanuman AI can be your virtual assistant, offering clear and concise explanations.

Here’s another exciting feature: Hanuman AI isn’t limited to text. It has the potential to convert text into speech Code, Image and even video! Imagine having a conversation where information comes alive visually, making learning and communication more engaging.

While still under development, Hanuman AI shows immense potential. With its ability to understand languages, answer questions, and even transform text into different formats, this Indian chatbot is poised to become a valuable tool for education, customer service, and everyday interactions.

Key Features of Hanuman AI (Hanooman Ai)

  • Text-to-Code: Unlock coding potential with real-time suggestions. Generate & Edit Code. Seamless Code Conversion in multiple languages
  • Text-to-Image: Give meaning to your imagination. Create stunning visuals using simple text descriptions. Customize and refine images
  • Text-to-Video: Bring words to life with simple prompts Visually appealing Videos in any Language. Motion graphic animation, and much more.
  • Multi-Modal V1.5: Combine text, images, Videos and interprets varied data source. Better reasoning capabilities.
  • Document Analyzer: Streamline documents processing, extract key insights and data points effortlessly. Intelligent document parsing and analysis.
  • Compute Vision: Second opinion for patients, Assists doctors in diagnosis and knowledge sharing, Upload scans and images for AI-powered analysis.

Official site & App Download: Hanuman AI Official site link is “www.hanooman.ai/” Currently App available for Android users on the Play Store and on the official Hanuman AI website, and an iOS App is being developed and will soon be available for iPhone users.

Languages Support : Hanuman Chatbot is available in 98 languages worldwide, including 12 Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Sindhi. This broad language coverage ensures accessibility for Indians in different regions, from Maharashtra to Punjab to Tamil Nadu, and makes it easy for anyone to use.

Development Company : The Hanuman chatbot is a joint project of Reliance , SML India and 3AI Holding from Abu Dhabi. 3AI has also partnered with tech giants like HP, NASSCOM and Yotta for the development of Hanuman AI. The project is also supported by the Telangana government and involves the participation of 3,000 colleges. Seven IITs across the country have collaborated to develop the Hanuman AI chatbot.

How Does Works Hanuman AI Chatbot ?

Have you ever chatted with a robot that feels almost real? That’s the power of Hanuman AI, an innovative chatbot making waves in India. But how exactly does this technology work?

The Hanuman AI chatbot is based on the LLM (Large Language Model), an artificial intelligence program known for its user-friendly Speech to Text service. This chatbot works on the basis of large-scale data. The AL model generates a natural-sounding response by learning from the data entered.

Imagine a giant brain filled with information and the ability to understand language. That’s kind of like Hanuman AI! It’s trained on a massive collection of text and code, which helps it recognize patterns in how we speak and write.

When you ask Hanuman AI a question, it uses this knowledge to find the best answer. It considers the words you use, the context of your conversation, and even information from the real world. This allows it to respond in a way that’s relevant and informative.

Here’s another cool feature: Hanuman AI is constantly learning! As more people interact with it, the chatbot gets better at understanding questions and providing accurate answers. It’s like having a super-smart friend who gets sharper with every conversation!

While the inner workings of AI can be complex, Hanuman AI offers a user-friendly experience. You simply type your question or request, and the chatbot does the rest. With its advanced learning capabilities, Hanuman AI is poised to become an even more powerful tool for communication and information access in the future.

Benefits Of Hanuman AI Chatbot

  • Saves Time and Increases Efficiency: Get instant answers to questions and complete tasks quickly, freeing up human time and resources.
  • Access to Vast Knowledge: Tap into a massive knowledge base for research, learning, and problem-solving.
  • Acts as a Counselor or Companion: Engage in conversation, practice language skills, or simply have someone to talk to.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Interact with Hanuman AI easily, no technical knowledge required.
  • Leads to Shorter Work Hours and Greater Efficiency: Chatbots can handle repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex issues.
  • Easy to Use for Anyone: A simple interface makes Hanuman AI accessible to people of all ages and technical abilities.

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The Future of Hanuman AI Chatbot

Hanuman AI is more than just a question-answering machine. Experts believe AI chatbots like this have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Imagine a customer service assistant that can understand your needs and solve problems efficiently, or a language tutor that can personalize your learning experience.

The future of Hanuman AI is bright. As AI technology continues to develop, we can expect chatbots to become even more sophisticated and helpful. With its user-friendly interface and vast knowledge base, Hanuman AI is a prime example of how AI can benefit our lives.

It is also said that Hanuman AI (Hanooman AI ) Chatbot is the beginning of a new initiative by ‘Reliance Industries’, which gives strong competitors to OpenAI and Google Gemini AI. According to its name, this is going to be a powerful tool for the world.

FAQ : Hanooman AI / Hanuman AI

What is Hanooman AI / Hanuman AI?

Ans : Hanuman AI also known as Hanooman AI is an advanced large language models (LLMs) chatbot developed by collaboration between the Abu Dhabi-based AI investment company, 3AI Holding Limited partnership with Seetha Mahalakshmi Healthcare (SML) India . It is a revolutionary full-stack GenAI solution designed to empower businesses worldwide with its sophisticated AI technology and comprehensive tools.

Its easy-to-use interface that can be easily used by people of all ages and does not require any special technical knowledge or programming skills. Simply enter your query or question and they will quickly generate accurate responses.

Which company launched AI Chatbot Hanooman AI / Hanuman AI?

Ans: Hanooman is a state-of-the-art AI model developed by SML Retail India Private Limited, designed to simulate human-like conversations by generating text in response to user inputs. It is built on the innovative GPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture, which enables it to understand and produce language with remarkable accuracy.

Hanooman’s user-friendly interface allows users to quickly adapt to the power of generative AI by suggesting prompts, which can help ideate and continue the chain of thought.

Hanuman AI / Hanooman Ai App Link

Ans : Hanooman AI app, you can find the Download Link on the Official website of Hanooman AI.

Hanuman AI / Hanooman ai login

Ans : Official login Link is : https://www.hanooman.ai/new-chat

App Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanooman.ai&pcampaignid=web_share

Hanuman AI /Hanooman ai Download

Ans: IOS App Link : Hanuman AI IOS App Coming Soon ( Yet to developed )

Android App Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanooman.ai&pcampaignid=web_share

What is the difference between BharatGPT and Hanooman/ Hanuman AI?

Ans: The main difference between BharatGPT and Hanooman AI is that BharatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI specifically for the Indian context, while Hanooman AI is a comprehensive AI solution developed by Hanooman AI Team for global enterprises.

How to access Hanooman AI / Hanuman AI?

Ans: To access Hanooman AI, you can visit the official website or App of Hanooman AI

Official login Link is : https://www.hanooman.ai

App Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanooman.ai&pcampaignid=web_share

Hanuman AI / Hanooman ai api

Ans: Hanooman ai api yet to developed for latest update , May can contact through Mail id “ support@hanoomanai.com “ or

contact us page :  https://www.hanoomanai.com/#contact-us

Who is founder of the SML

Ans : Vishnu Vardhan

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